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My dear playboy

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My dear playboy

Chapter 1

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I am Eva of class 11-1 and I am not interested in love. My story starts when I was running to the student council room. "Ren Nightshade" I cried but what I saw shocked me. Ren was being engulfed with his fangirls. "I am sorry" I mumbled and closed the door. What the heck was that? That was the student council room, right? What were they doing! "It's rude to enter without knocking Eva Litch of class 11-1" whispered a voice in my ear. "Ack!" I screamed. It was Ren. "Ho...How do u know my name?"I stammered. "Oh, easy I know all girls name. Especially if their cute" he replied. I can't believe he is the president...But he is just as gorgeous as the rumors say. Just seeing him up close makes me nervous! Ren nightshade the student council president and the son of the chairman of the school. The foolish president with a playboy reputation. Some say his only merit is his handsome looks. " So what brings u hear the president of the art club?" he crooned. "Pls don't close my club for not having enough members," I said. "On one condition then," he said, "how about u go out with me?" "I decline," I said.<Ren is stunned> "B...But all I need to do is say the word and ur problem will be fixed" he said "No thank u. I will find another way to increase the members."I said. While going to my class I could see people staring at me and whispering "She is the one who declined Ren's offer." It seems I have become the center of attention.

<Next Day>

I couldn't believe that bastard. (Ren) He made me transfer to his class by threatening to close my club (Which created the rumors) and is making me sit next to him and why the heck is their roses on my seat!!!!!! "What is the meaning of this," I asked Ren. "U came. I was going to bring u here myself but u came," he said and hugged me. "Hold it! Why are u hugging me? Let me go!" I screamed. "U don't have to be harsh u know. I will explain so relax," he said depressingly. "U better," I said and then giving me his so-called puppy eyes he started to sparkle and he said, "Do u hate me, Eva?" If I say yes then I would be expelled. Arghhhhhh.

And so I started dating Ren.

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What are ur thoughts?Plss tell. Guess what happens next :)


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Skyfall @Skyfall
Aw poor eva ;-) Good job!
Koshi @koshididdi
Will update it soon
Koshi @koshididdi
Hi everyone I hope u enjoy