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My Devil Maid

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My Devil Maid

Chapter 1

I'm dead...

The house was burned to ashes...

My parents are already gone...

I've been treated lower than an animal...


Why do I feel desperate?

It's so dark in here...

Is this...

"Welcome...Reinhard Roseblade..."

I heard a voice. A deep voice.


Then it laughed.

"I can grant you your desperate wish as of this want to live again...don't you? We can make a contract."

I fell silent.


I wanna cling to every single opportunity to get my revenge.

"Do it! Grant me my wish! I'll repay you with anything!"

Then it let out a low hum of satisfaction.

"Hmm...are you sure you won't regre-"


Then I heard footsteps behind. Turning my head, what I saw almost ripped my eyes in fear...

"Yes. My lord."


I flinched from the sudden brightness from the window. Slowly opening my eyes, I followed the silhouette of my maid with my blurry vision before it clears out.

"Good morning, young master."

Sitting up on the edge of my bed, my maid helped me wear my shoes and my clothes. After fixing my clothes, my maid poured tea on a teacup before serving it to me.

The aroma...

"Ceylon tea. Right?"

"Yes it is indeed, my lord. You truly have good senses in teas."

I glared at her.

"Are you underestimating the son of the Roseblade family?"

I sipped my tea to the very last before handling it back to my maid.

I stand up, helping me to wear my coat, my maid slipped it through my arms before fixing the bow in front.

"Tsk. What's my schedule for today?"

"Young master, according to the letter that arrived last night, Her majesty, Victoriana is requesting for your presence at tonight's ball."

My eyes met my maid's.

"What? A ball? For what?"

Curling up those lips before speaking...

"It's Her Majesty's birthday. It would be a shame for you not to come to her ball. Especially, you're Her Majesty's grandson."

I closed my eyes. I swiftly grabbed a dart and threw it at my maid. Catching it between the fingers, then spoke.

"Save the games for later, my young master."

"Watch your tongue servant. Know your place. Let's go. And review my schedule for today while heading to the company."

"Certainly, my lord."

Opening the door, we left my room to the grand stairway. While walking down, I saw the portrait of the former Roseblade head and my mother.

Facing the maids and the other servants queueing along the red carpet to the main door.

"I, Reinhard Roseblade is now the head of the Roseblade household, I order you to remove this portrait. Make sure that before I return, this portrait will be gone. Understood?!"

"Yes. Young Master!"

Walking along the carpet, with my maid trailing behind me. Seeing the limo outside, my maid opened the back door. I stepped in first, then she followed.


"Today. A meeting with the board members and the shareholders of the company."

Leaning my chin on my hand, I let out a sigh.

"About what?"

"There's a thief inside the company."

My eyebrows twitched.

"A thief you say? Details."

"Fifty percent of the company's monthly income has gone missing. Last week, one of the shareholders died. Obviously it wasn't an accident. That shareholder holds one of the most important accounts in the company. After his death, the company's income drastically decreased."

Then an idea came in my mind.

"Set this meeting to everyone. Call the heads of the financial team, accounting team, the developing team, intelligence team, the secretary and the company's stockholders. We'll pursue the culprit."

Then the vehicle stopped. My maid stepped out first, I followed behind as I gazed from the lobby to the highest level of my company.

RynDex Gamez

The company that my parents left to me.

"Good morning President."

Employees bowed down as I pass through the lobby, my maid trailing behind me.

Advancing to me, my maid pressed the elevator button. The employees inside the elevator rushed out as soon as they spotted me.

"Good morning President."

I entered the elevator first with my maid behind me.

After a few minutes, we left the elevator to my office. Pushing the door, I stopped in front of my desk as my maid removed my coat.

Sitting on my chair and caressing my family ring on my finger.

"I will not tolerate any failure."

Looking at those eyes...


"This is an order. Find the thief. And make that piece of filth kneel on its knees."

Then the whole room darkened, my maid kneeled on one knee, putting one hand on the chest, bowing.

Her crimson eyes glowed with that wicked smile on her face.

"Yes, my lord."


My maid is different...

No ordinary...

Not human...


My maid is a demon...

To be continued...

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Hello! Just call me traicionera haha! I just love making stories...that's all!


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no problem!! i'm a fan of black butler myself!! and thank u so much!! i <3 u so much!!!
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amazing story!! i would luv to hear more!!!
Cartylwright @Traicionera

Thank you for reading my story, I really appreciate it! I would update some time soon!!!