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my long time idol is my boyfriend

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my long time idol is my boyfriend

Chapter 1


hi i am an ordinary girl from the philippines my name is jhasmien medina and im a ordinary highschooler well i guess i love everything about k-pop sometimes i stayed up so late just waiting for an update in the k-pop wolrd i live only too be a loyal fan i only live to be with k-pop artist i only cry on the k dramas even though sometimes i dont understand a thing about what there saying,i know even though there is the subtittle im pretty focus in feeling the actors line and so on.i like memorizing there song even though i dont get anything but there music makes me super happy and the way im in korea now and im 23 to my addiction in koreans i really push myself to study hard and make it to korea when im done well i finish school my work is a flight attendant :)

jhasmien's FOV

"hm....what a strage dream i have,this place is not my house where am i?hm...who is he why is he in the bed with me and were both naked wtf happen last night lemme think about it i was in a concert of my idols bts and then im so happy that i finaly see them and im in the vip seat and get to held jimin oppa's hand and gave him my gift to him it was a ring with his name with it and a paper with it that says"hi par jimin oppa im jhasmien medina i love you ever since 2013 and i really hope you get this if yes then i love you so much and the other boys<3"and then the concerts done i go to the nearest bar to celbrate because i was so happy that i hand him my handmade ring<3 and then ti9me passes and i get so much drunk and all then theres a guy that come to me and held me in hius arms like a princess and then he put me down i think that its his car because he put on my seatbelt then after that i cant remember anything in the drive because i fell aslepp because of drunkness then i get a hold of myself a little bit i was put down in the bed then,and then i fell so hot and all WHATTTTT???!!!! did i really throw myself to him?oh no i better escape before he wake up"but before she can move he grabe her and said"hey your up already we have a long night last night*yawn*" 'oh my freakin girl what the hell!!!jimin doing here?long night what do he mean' "maybe im stil dreamin hahaha *pokes jimin in the abs*"what it feels right what is happening?"jhasmien said "well if you dont remember anything im more happy to tell you what hove we done last night or do u want me to demonstrate it to u right now hm?"jimin said with a seducing voice"what??no are you really jimin oppa?no way are really really him?"jhasmien said with a tilting head"yeah i am park ji-min of bts and last night u come to our concert and give this ring*shows the ring in his ring finger*look isnt this what u gave last night with a paper tied with it and theres ur name and the paper and u sounds so sweet in the letter so im kinda curios so i research u on the internet lucky me u are a very popular flight attendant in any airaport youve been youve been the most praised in there so i found u and ur number was there as well and all ur information and suga is good at tracking a phone number easily so i come to at the bar but youve already passed out and then i take u here and all of a sudd"jimin didnt even finish his words jhasmien interrupted him from saying further more"wha!!wait i told no need to say it,im very sorry i need to go...."jhasmien said and stand up but failed to do so"hey hey dont go yet look to what you've done first to me*points at the hicky,scratches and bite marks from last night*look u need to take responsibility to what youve done how am i gonna explain this to everyone?"jimin said with a teasing tone and sound"what?yam i ur asking its ur problem and what dp u mean that i need to take responsibility?"i ask"yeah what should i say to them if they ask me where did i get this scratches,bite marks and hickeys from sha i say to them that a crazy fan that isave a the bar whose drunk throw herself in me in the hotel and then something happen between us but she doesent wanna commit it that we do it last night and all then she beg me to let her leave and let everything stay a one night stand and the end of our story do you want me tell them that and think of u just wanna take advantage of me because im a idol,you plan everything and it goes well according to your plan then if the plan was a success u will run away and then share ur story of u and me making out in the bed whole night last night and let gossip go wilder and destroy me and then afterwards destroy the whole group is that what you want?"he ask with a fierce voice but calm face*"what the i dont want that to be a bad girl on the mind of my idols mind i guess ihave no choice but to....'*

to be continued

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to be continue hope u like it pls dont be too harsh its my first time writing a story hope u like it try ny very vest to this and all thank you very much<3<3


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