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Hello! I’m Tia!!!!!!!!! I am 12 years old. I have 4 sisters: Jess is 10, Tara is 9, Mia is 6, Lisa is 2. We are orphans, sadly. Here in Brooklyn it is summer time. We all have brown hair expt lisa. i guess thats because my mom had brown hair and my dad had blond hair so lisa has blond hair. Cack you later! Bye!


S’up? I’m Mia! Don’t listen to my sis Tia. She’s a jerk! Well, she’s going to tell you the setting! since i don't want to! [Tia: No, Mia, I’m not!] Well, then fine! We sleep in an old creaky house. I sleep in a room with Liz - short for Lisa. Tia, Jess and Tara share a room too! We have our own bathroom. They don’t!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA


Hello! I’m Jess and I’m going to tell our family’s history! One thing I also want you to know is that you should not believe Mia. She does not even know her colors yet! [Mia: Yes i do!] Our history is so sad, but I’m sure you can handle it. Don't tell the others though they are still sore on the subject. Our mother and father died when I was 9, Tara was 7, Tia was 10, Mia was 4 and Lisa was 1 month old! What happened was we were going to our grandparents house for our cousin’s 10th b-day party and when we got there the fire alarm went off. Tia and I, gathered all of our siblings together and got out safely!

Sadly all of our relatives died in the fire!! Even our mom and dad. We escaped before the police decided to take us to a orphanage. We walked and ran for 3 hours until we found a near by house without any people in it. It was deserted. Yet their still was furniture. When we walked inside there was everything we needed a tv some food! It was a 3 bedroom house with appliances and 2 bathrooms and a back yard! Then we choose our rooms and we fell asleep into a deep sleep! When me and my siblings except tia woke up we were starved! we smelled the delicious smell of pancakes! We got 2 pancakes each & syrup. Yum!!!!!!! Then, we well i’m getting ahead of myself lets take it bit by bit.


Hi! I’m tara and I loved those pancakes![Thank you tia!!!!!!!] I wonder where she got them? Pantry? Yuck!!! Hm...................... Well she could of got them there. Where did she get the money???? I don’t know. Anyway after we ate the pancakes we went to the town to find Tia and Jess a job. I had to take care of Lisa and Mia! :[ When they came home they were exhausted but, they found a job! I was so glad 4 them! They were going to work at a farm picking strawberries. later that night, Tia started a conversation that night without Mia and Lisa about who will they tell their big secret that they were orphans?????? They really wanted to tell someone because they wanted someone to know. I suggested the people Tia, and Jess worked for and they said maybe! [Finally they included my idea!]

Tia and jess worked hard 4 months and my, Lisa’s and Tia’s b-day passed I’m 12, Lisa is 3, Tia is 13. I got a über cool doll.


We lived happily for 4 months but what happened next is to sad to talk about. SHHH can you keep a secret? ok, yellow fever broke out and guess what? [ You:WHAT] Lisa caught it! We didn’t want to catch it so we ran away so very fast. After 2 days of walking and running we found a cave with a nearby brook and a nearby town. The cave was decent it had 2 sides one was our living area and one was our sleeping area. Before we left we grabbed a pair of cloths, some rags, bowls, spoons, and plates. We had no food so we bought milk, bread, bacon, butter, sausages, carrots, lettuce, coal, wood,

blankets, marshmallows, extra clothes ,pillows ,cookies, cheese, ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, and last of all jam!!!!!!!!! ![We love jam!!!] Guess what all that was $100!!!! We had $110 so we made it!!!! When we got back we built plenty of things like a bathtub out of rocks and wood, a pool out of rocks and 6 rooms in the cave [Mine and Taras, Mias and Lisas, Taras, the bathroom, dining room, ecx room] We lived like this for 2 years! And everything went well Now i’m 15, Jess is 14, Tara is 12, Mia is 8, and Lisa is 5.


When they heard that yellow fever had been gone they hiked back with everything. [By the way Lisa has been better for 1 year.] We went to the people that Tia and I worked 4 that we were of orphans and they said that we could be family! We were so glad, exhausted too!

[That night..........]

I was so tired but I could not sleep and I was lying in bed when I heard “Hello! Hi orphanage. Yes this a mother yes I have 5 girls I can’t take care of. Yes, you’ll pick um up now good, goodbye!!!” I felt frozen but I knew what to do I woke up my siblings and we dashed to the door and ran for our lives, exhausted! We went back to the cave that night.

The end*

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