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Nature's Whispers

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Nature's Whispers

This is a very powerful event that had happened to me my Junior year of highschool. I hope you enjoy!

Anxiety, Nausea, a constant feeling of pure fear.

I feel as if i'm being tormented as I sit here, hoping I don't have to endure another second.

Sweating from my face, to my palms, even my back and chest. No concentration of what is happening around me, the only thing I know is that I HAVE to leave.

*buzz* my phone... thank god, it is the okay from my mother saying I can leave school yet another day through my journey.

Standing and walking to my teacher is difficult, physically and mentally. I hold myself back from having an outburst of hysteria in front of my classmates, as I squeak out the words, "I have to go" I head straight for the door unknowing to the universe outside.

Walking down the long corridor to the hallway, my vision begins to swell as it becomes increasingly difficult to look around, "only tunnel vision from this point on", I tell myself.

Maddening voices bombard me as I walk through the hallway and up the stairs. "Shhh, quiet, hehehehe He's listening, hehe, Shhh, Give me more, I need MORE, hahaha stop looking at me, no, no, shhh, quiet, I need you to listeeeeeennnn" On and on.

I continue through the office as the main desk lady goes, "are you alright? you don't seem okay." With a grim look, I glance to her, through her face down into her soul within a millisecond and she gasps.

I continue to walk out of the school, moving down the sidewalk looking down as my vision begins to twist and turn.

"I...I see you..." Looking forward I see a tree far away across the parking lot, Its glowing, but why?

My vision is now fixated on this very tree. "you are the one I've been looking for... How have you not heard my calls until now. We have much to discussssss. Shhhhh and just listennnn."

In a trance for an unknown amount of time, I realize I have standing still straight up and down, like ive been frozen in shock. I look down at my hands and grasp. I hold together whatever strength my brain has and continue on.

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These stories are based on my life experiences...


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