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New FacesA Homestuck Reader-Insert(HumanStuck AU)

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New FacesA Homestuck Reader-Insert(HumanStuck AU)

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I sauntered down the hallway on my first day of high school. New building, new classes, and worst of all... new people. I had spent thirteen entire years of my life making friendships and then BAM, a couple of packing boxes and a moving van ruin my life. I only moved in a couple of miles away, but I had already been teetering on the edge of the school districts, and this so happened to finally tip the scale.

I glanced down at my schedule. I have homeroom first, in room 122. I think that's also the Home Ec room. "Excuse me bu-" I tried to ask the person in the locker over where the room was. He glared at me and shoved past, almost making me drop my books and my school issued laptop. "Well that was rude." I mumbled under my breath. I wandered the halls for a short minute before someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned my head to see who it was to be met with a girl with short and choppy rust-ish colored hair. She wore a long greenish trench coat and had a hat that looked similar to a cats face, cat ears included.

"Hello, are you lost?" She asked. Finally someone nice enough to help! "Uh, yeah, I need help finding room 122. I'm pretty sure it's the Home Ec room." I shrugged. Hopefully she would know. "My friend Equius has the same homeroom! Okay, so you go forward, take a left, and then the room is at the end of the hall on the right." She explained to me

"Okay, thanks... I don't think I ever got your name." I thought aloud. "It's Nepeta, and be sure to say hi to Equius for me!" She finished as she started running down the hallway. I didn't notice until now that the halls were completely empty except for me, and I took off down the hall. My hand reaches the door handle just as the bell rings. Good thing this is only homeroom.

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