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Chapter 1

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Maetel knew of many things worse than the merciful death at the end of a finite human life. On the rails that encapsulated her eternal life of duty and obligation, she was condemned to one! She was doomed to brief moments of happiness between tears, to experience joy vicariously and to have the memories of it all engraved on her heart forever and ever. On a high hill, overlooking a river flowing into the sea, Maetel watched the sun set on her sad wistful memories. She was a Metalian Girl who had faithfully kept her promise, her duty and her obligation. She had fulfilled her destiny. Now, she couldn’t help thinking ‘what if?’ Why couldn’t she have a life of her own somewhere else…? After all, it was a great big universe with lots of places to go to…. Why couldn’t she chase her dreams in real life and live for herself? It was kind of cold that night, walking alone toward her fate, doomed to fade away, only to begin her journey yet again. She could hear a train outside, in the far-off sky, on the rails of another destiny and thought, ‘Oh, if only it could be mine….’ Then, in one precious moment ‘He’ swept back into her memory and said, “Maetel, its painful when you’re so close, yet still so far out of reach! The train is waiting! It’s waiting there for you! Now run to it Maetel… run to it…!” And so she did, but even as she ran there was nagging feeling in her heart that she couldn’t explain or understand…. She had completed her mission, and yet somehow, she felt like a traitor running away. Emeraldas had said: ‘Our journeys have no end…’ and yet hers had! What had begun as a promise, a duty and obligation was now over! Still, she wasn’t prepared for and couldn’t explain the confusion in her heart, so she set it aside thinking, “I’ll deal with it tomorrow.” It was a tomorrow that would never come. She was unprepared and the reality of her decision. It didn’t hit her all at once, but crept up in the little things. It had been a long time since she’d been ‘mortal’…. While she hadn’t been ‘immortal’, she’d been much more than merely human. The Symbiosis Memory Storage Unit had altered her during her Coronation Ceremony. While some things it had done to her no longer functioned at all, or as intended, none of it could be undone and it affected her reality more than she could now know. The second thing was that the body she’d been using was now hers. For some reason though, she wasn’t sure that it hadn’t been hers all along. While it, ‘she’, was young and strong and at the peak of her beauty, suddenly her hair no longer fell perfectly into place anymore! On her eternal journey she’d taken showers and baths as a matter of convention, a small enjoyment. Now she needed to, had to, but sometimes couldn’t for days on end. Now, when it was cold, she was cold. Now, when it was hot, she was hot and when she was tired, she was oh so tired! These and a thousand and one little things suddenly became real issues for her to deal with. The third was the suitcase that her mother had given her: her inheritance. It had been dimensional, relative in time and space, having in it whatever she’d needed to have in it. Now, it only contained one of her two dresses, two of three sets of undergarments, her bathing suit, wrap, toiletries to include an all important hair brush, two of her three guns and/or her whip-sword and her small amount of hard currency. The single most important thing of her new existence was that she was no longer a Princess. She was no longer the Sole Heir the Throne of The Millennial Queen, La Andromeda Promethium, ruler of the Mechanized Empire. Now, she was simply ‘Citizen’ Maetel, a disparagingly descriptive term for her as a refugee, a displaced person whose mere presence was often resented and unwelcome. This fact was driven home to her, ruthlessly, on a daily basis. Finally to add insult to injury, she’d found that her accounts had been frozen. ‘Money is not so important until you have none…’ she quickly realized. The jewelry she had on, her weapons, her suitcase, its contents and her train pass was everything she had in the universe. But the single most terrible thing of all was that she was alone and without purpose. She had lived, but now, she had no reason to live…. ‘I’m not Emeraldas, to do as I please,’ Maetel thought. She didn’t think that something as basic as living for herself could be such an issue, but for her it was. Her Mother, having taken her soul-ring, had left her unable to deal with the day to day business of living subjectively. That part of herself that controlled her outer emotions and not a small part of her will had been taken and it had been so long that she couldn’t remember how it, how she, had been before….


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