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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep?


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep?

"Shouldn't we go inside now?" I yelled, barely able to make out my own words. They all exchanged glances, and chuckles. She extended her arm, put it on my shoulder, and smiled. I heard her think "don't worry".

Wait a minute... how did I hear her think? And don't worry? It's a tornado... and last I knew, they were a little dangerous.

As I looked around, the tornado began to suck the others, one at a time, up into its terrifying vortex. "Come on, you'll love it" JJ yelled, just before she turned, ran to the edge of the five story building, and jumped. But instead of down, she flew straight up, catching the rest of them.

I was far beyond terrified, and remember briefly trying to check if my pants were wet. Too late now, no time to run, and then the ground seemed to drop from under my feet.

Before I knew it, I was back with the group, enjoying the way the sunshine warmed my back, as we flew just above the clouds. If I remember right, the air is too thin to breath up here, and its freezing cold. But we were fine. JJ flew up next to me, and in some kind of spinning-flip maneuver, kicked a chunk of the pink and gray cloud into my face. It left a warm, tingly feeling wherever it touched bare skin, a sweet smell and taste lingered on for awhile after it fell back to the cloud. So many things didn't make sense. And then, suddenly it was all perfectly clear.

As I jumped up at the loud buzzing sound, I threw my blanket on the floor, and began rushing to get ready for work. The cloud taste was almost gone, and I was starting to realize I'd been asleep. It's not often I have such amazing dreams, and I've never had one so vivid before.

On top of that, It'd been years since I'd seen JJ. And now She was there, as soon as I dozed off for the 3rd night in a row. Not that I was complaining. With her waist length, jet black hair, framing a perfect, ivory smooth face. Her slender neck angled gracefully into small, feminine shoulders, gradually slimming down a perfect back, just before the hips jump back outward, and turn into the most gorgeous, round ass a woman had ever carried. This, supported by long, muscular, yet slim legs. JJ was herself a dream come true. And now She was with me while I slept? It reminded me of something she told me long ago. I couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was...

The next day, although well rested, I couldn't wait to go to sleep. I hurried through work, went through the basic motions for everything else, but my mind was in bed already. Something about this whole thing was nagging at me, but what was it saying?

As I lay awake, I tried to remember everything that happened the night before, but it was already fading. The trouble with remembering dreams, is that they only happen once. We learn by repetition. So remembering dreams is contradictory to how our minds work. Shame.

After what seemed like an eternity, I gave up on falling asleep, and decided a short walk might help. It was beautiful out anyway, the fresh air would do me some good.

Nothing ruins a nice walk like the same set of headlights shining on your back, for long enough to tell they were following you, but staying back far enough to say, "I'd rather not have you see who I am" I could tell by the headlights it wasn't a least not in a patrol car. By this point, they'd followed me long enough, that I'd discretely drawn my dagger, hoping I wasn't bringing a knife to a gun fight. Running was no good, there were open fields on either side, easily driven through by any car. Another hundred yards ahead, the edge of a forest. If I got to it, I'd step into the woods. If they followed, I'd confront them on my own ground. If they left, I'd wait a while, then double back home.

The answer was neither, the car sped up, and came to a stop beside me. Approaching the car slowly, concealing my weapon (I wasn't going to start a fight that didn't need to happen) I noticed several things right away. 1. The car was not local. Mirror tinted windows all around was illegal in Rock County, and the cops would make you peel it off on the spot. 2. It wasn't any gang banger wannabes out looking for trouble. This was the new Ferrari, so new it didn't have a name yet, and wasn't available in North America. They obviously had anti theft systems. To steal something like this, you had to win the fight, which wasn't bare handed combat. Whoever was driving, was the owner, which brings me to point number 3. It was no-one I knew. I waited for the window to roll down, but instead the door opened. The way things had been lately, I half expected a white rabbit to be driving, complaining that he was late and wanting me to follow him. But when I looked inside, it was even stranger than that. On the passenger seat was a neatly folded piece of paper, and in the driver seat, sat...

Nobody? I looked in the back seat, it was clear. I looked around, for the camera man to come out, and tell me what TV show I was on, and who was playing the joke. But I was alone. After a few minutes of wondering WTF was going on, I remembered the piece of paper. Obviously, a note, explaining what was going on. I picked it up, unfolded it, and read the title for the Ferrari sitting next to me that was registered to, ME! Now I knew what was going on. I concentrated hard, and levitated a few feet off the ground. Then I focused on the car, when it raised up to my level, I flew in, and shut the door. It was time to have some fun. There was no walk, I'd never left my house... I was dreaming.

I can still count on one hand the number of times I figured out I was dreaming while I was still in one, and managed to stay asleep to enjoy it. That was counting this one. If it's something you've tried to do, you know it isn't easy.

I took off, not knowing exactly where I wanted to go, when I heard pounding on my roof. I looked over, and a pair of legs, THE pair of legs, came in through my window, followed by the rest of, who else? but JJ. As she sat down, she looked at herself, (which I'd been doing the entire time) and, with a smile, and sarcastic giggle, said, "oh, real nice, looks like we're in your dream, huh?" She was right. This was my dream, and in my dream, unbelievably gorgeous women wear chain-mail lingerie. My dream, my rules. With a quick swipe of her hand, she changed into something a little more tasteful, but still left me enough to drool over.

"Sorry, we don't have time for that kind of dream tonight," she teased. "Maybe later if you behave" she said with a wink.

I laughed. It was good to see her. We were the closest of friends, until we were separated. But here we were. Maybe dreaming, but it was really her. This is what I'd been trying to remember. We use to share dreams. We confirmed it during waking hours. We could connect again!

"It's about time, I've been trying to reach you. We need your help."

"Someone's infiltrated the dream world. They've learned to bring some of it into the waking world"

I knew what she was talking about, and no good could come of it The worlds were separated for a reason...

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Gabrielle @gabriellecatania
These type of stories are so fun,but have a sense of adventure with a twist!
Carissa @carissacamillerulla
You got me with the pink clouds that tasted good. :) Reading your story made me smile that I read it until the end. Now I can't wait to read some more and find out about what the conflict might be and how it would end. However, I would suggest that you put more emotion to the words, though I am not entirely sure that 'emotion' or 'feelings' is what you're going for considering that your narrator is a dude. I think that the story would have a little more magic in it if he described how he feels. Also, I was able to paint a picture of JJ in my mind, but I still can't figure out what kind of person the narrator is. Maybe you could work on that more by adding in a little more subtle details in the first part of the story. :)
Kenny @kennydemontigny

Feedback is always welcome, that is why I'm here :-) I do plan to give more details of the narrat See more

Shekhar @shekharsuman
perfect. the presentation is perfect. i loved it yet.