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I used to like Luna.I had a teeny-tiny crush on her.Not that I was distracted, she just made the office hours more fun.Mike told me that she joined last year and that she lived near the park street. I don't care how he knew that but i just loved the fact that I could walk her back home.

12 March

Fast forward to three days and I got the news that she got the project.Mike thinks its because the boss likes her too.I hate to agree but she is super likable. She completes ALL her reports on time , leaves office late and she even brought donuts for everyone (now how sweet is that!!!). No wonder she got the "Employee of the Month" award four times in a row.

14 March

She gifted me a pen today. She said that its was a "Thank you" gift as I helped her complete the sales report. I hope she didn't notice I was blushing. I asked her for a small " Coffee date" and she agreed to come.This is my lucky day!! Now all I have to do is find that yellow shirt ( the only shirt that makes me look a little better)

15 March

So she didn't come. I rang her up a few times but she didn't answer. Maybe she agreed just to be polite. I know I was taking things too fast. I should definitely give this more time.

27 March

I don't know whats up with her but she has suddenly stopped talking to me . Not even a "Hello". Its as if I don't even exist for her. She seems to be more interested in Mike. Mike told me that its just office work but I think there is something more. I saw her reading a book today. I didn't know she was interested in reading. I'll bring her some good ones to make things better between us.

30 March

I am loosing it . Luna turned up yesterday and requested me to bring wine for her. Since so many days she was making feel like the "Invisible Man" and now she wants wine?! I bought the wine this morning and I'll go check up on her tomorrow. Maybe this is my chance to make things right.

2nd April

The newspaper is full of her pictures. "Park street resident murdered". They say she was found near the sofa covered in blood with shards of glass piercing her head. It was my wine bottle. I saw it in one of the pictures. Mike called to ask how I was . I said I was "fine".

5 April

I came back from the funeral a few hours ago. Her face was covered with cuts and bruises. Mike couldn't make it. He was caught up with "some work" he told.

17 April

The police gave me that book. The one she was reading that day. It had a note

" Sorry Alex, couldn't make it today.Mike wanted me to visit him for some presentation work. I promise I'll go for coffee any other day you like."

I like her even more now .

20 April

Mike came today. He got Sally too. I was shocked to see her. She had got rejected.How did she get the job? Well Mike is happy. He likes Sally.

26 April

They called me today. I was little nervous. Mike got arrested

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