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Once Best Friends

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Once Best Friends

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

*Hears crying*

Sydney do you want to go with me and Dee to the movies? Jamie bursts in Sydney's door.

"Sydney what's wrong?"

"Jamie, Kev broke up with me and I just found out that I'm pregnant."

"Dee!!! Jamie yells Dee!!"

*Dee enters the room*

"What's up?"

"Your friend Kev just broke up with my best friend after she told him she was pregnant." Jamie say's

"Wait, Kev knows your pregnant Sydney?"

"Well I wasn't the one who got to tell him Dee because his ex-girlfriend walked in on me at school taking my pregnancy test and ran to tell him. So when I got to him basically the whole school knew thanks to Keara."

*Dee interrupts*

"Okay Sydney can you get to the point?"

"Basically Kev thought I was keeping it from him and bragging to Keara so he was pissed off."

"Dee can you talk to him please?" Jamie says

"Yeah I will talk to him but this isn't the story that Keara told him you know that right Sydney?"

Sydney says "NO!! What does he know? All I was told is what I just told Jamie and you."

Dee Stutters" Uh well Sydney maybe you should talk to Jamie and uh I'm going to go talk with um Kev."

"Sydney what is Dee talking about." Jamie whines

Dee quickly gives Jamie a kiss and runs out the door, slamming it behind him. Dee's mind spinning and him wondering what am I going to say.

"Sydney! What the hell was Dee talking about? Clearly he knows something that I don't."

Sydney's heart racing fast , her palms getting sweaty she wasn't sure how to tell her best friend something this bad.

"Um okay Jamie, Uh."

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Okay here is chapter 1 so if you wanna know what happens next let me know


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Mimi @mimidey
This is nice. I love writing dialogue, so I can appreciate that in your story. Well done :)
Pandora @Anny
Pandora @Anny
Meagan @LEMON
I think that you should not use dialogue it would make the story better. My own opinion