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One last time


One last time

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We all work our butts off to earn the life we want. After all all of us want to live the American Dream.

Amy, a sixteen-year-old hopeless romantic wanted much less from life. You could say she was on old soul.

She wanted to have a life full of “sunshine” and “rainbows”. She wanted to go for long drives and trips to the beach. Maybe a day at the museum would be just as good. She wanted to kiss Jake under the Eiffel Tower and maybe someday become the mother of his children.

She wished her Mom a better life. Her Mom was in a toxic relationship and she wanted her to leave Dad and move on.

But what she truly wished for was a ‘chance’. A chance to life. A chance to make new memories.

Maybe she could go out with Kate to get ice cream. Maybe she could help her mom bake brownies. Maybe she could play with her sister hide and seek. Or maybe she could tell Jake how much she loves him.

Sometimes we take life for granted. She heard a dash! As if something was slammed hard. All she could see from her half-shut eyes was the doctor shouting “We need to operate now!”

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@Ivory Blue

An old soul full of love and happiness


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Vinoshka @vinoshkasanabria
Wow, nice ending. Felt the intensity. Nice Job!
Bhuvi @Ivory Blue

Im glad you liked it :)

Mimi @mimidey
Powerful stuff. Well written.
Bhuvi @Ivory Blue

Thanks a lot !!:)