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Chapter 1

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Birds were chirping and the sun was hot. Which seemed unusual this time of year. I had just finished bathing in the nearby creek. I had already packed my tent and supplies, ready to move on to the next destination. Even though I had no idea where I was going, I was so thrilled to have the freedom to do so. I took a deep breath and began to dry off. I rung out my waist long dirty blonde hair as I brushed it. The sun warmed my chilled body. It was bearing down as if it were summer and not almost winter. I just thanked my lucky stars it was drying my hair quickly.

I loved being out in the wilderness. Mother nature was simple to understand. Survive. That was the world I lived in. Being alone was a pleasure and darkness was comforting. I was not one to scare easily. In my 26 years of life I had always found comfort in darkness. It's quiet. There's absolutely nothing. It was never something to fear. Being alone meant I couldn't betray me. I knew me well enough. I got along just fine. Man on the other hand, was a whole different animal. Unpredictable and unfourtunately can be evil. I had not seen or heard from another person in 5 years. Couldn't say I missed it either. I had my simple, peaceful life and that's all I requiered.

I dressed in a simple earth green long sleeved shirt and very worn jeans. I put on my scratchy woolly socks and boots, making my way back to my packed up campsite. Then I saw something that made my blood run cold. A small white envelope resting neatly ontop of my backpack. I cautiously looked around sensing no one. But how? Who?! I quietly panicked in my mind. I knew for certain it was not there when I left.

I went to cautiously pick it up but then I noticed the envelope was sealed with a crest I knew all too well. A Phoenix resurrecting itself through fire. It sent chills down my spine and into my heart. Breathing became somewhat of a forgotten task. Memories of the place I came from, the horror it struck was unreal. No, I tried to rationalize. It can't be possible! But facts were facts, I had it staring at me with painful clarity.

Timidly I opened the envelope. Words in bold black ink danced across the paper:

Let The Solstice Begin

I dropped the letter and sank down to my knees. Almost losing the contents of my stomach. My false sense of security was pulled out from under me. This letter was proof that someone somewhere knew who I was and where I was. They proved to me that they could find me.

And just like that, my peaceful years were over. My mind did a complete 180. I had to let the darkness take over. Kill or be killed. Rules to live by.

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Intro to a story I am hatching. Feed back would be appreciated! Let me know if you would like more chapters. Thank you for reading!!!! <3


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