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Pokémon || Seven Minutes in Heaven

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Pokémon || Seven Minutes in Heaven

Chapter 1

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This all started with what you thought would be a small get together, but the party quickly became an unmanageable ruckus; as a result, you couldn’t help but to feel left out. There were over a hundred people here, when there should have only been a dozen or so guests at most; somehow, though, at least ninety-some people went unaccounted for. A soft roar of excited and indifferent murmurs alike echoed in from the living room and gnawed at your curiosity.

“Alright, alright, not everyone at once. We need some sort of order, so chill out and write down your name along with whatever you put in.” Oh. Oh no. Not this, and not today, or ever, for that matter. You decided to try sneaking away, and failed, as you ran into your friend immediately after turning around.

“Hey, I didn’t think you’d be into this sort of thing! Guess I don’t know you that well after all, huh?” Green. There were two ways you could go about this, and both end in you playing this game. You decided to play it cool and suffer through a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven without vocal complaint. What’s the worst that could happen? You weren’t exactly sure, but there was no conceivable way of buizeling out.

“Gather ‘round boys and girls, and anyone beyond or between, ‘cause we’re about to get touchy and feely with strangers in the dark!” In the middle of the circle stood Blue, flailing the empty garbage bag at the crowd wildly. People took turns dropping their item of choice in the bag, and it made its way around the room in a surprisingly quick manner. After bagging your item, the last one in, you brought it back to Blue. He gestured with his eyebrows, and you did the same without a second thought. You returned to your spot, waiting for the game to start. Green made her way to your side, looking over you with her snarky, wistful eye.

“Anyone you have your eye on?”

You shook your head at her without a second thought, then stopped to scan the party-goers. There were some pretty attractive people, but… No! You’ll get who you get, no need to worry. Green pointed out several people, but you couldn't entirely understand what she was saying, as she had dropped her voice pretty low; not only that, but you were having a little trouble focusing on her, or anything, for that matter.

“Hey, you’re not looking so good. You sure you’re up for this?” Her eyes watched you in a careful manner, looking for any signs of sickness.

“No! I mean—No, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” You smiled at her in a goofy manner, and she sighed.

“Alright then, sweaty,” she teased. You swiped at your brow and above your lip, earning a giggle from Green. “There you go, that looks better.”

It was terrifying being in a room with all these people. You had seen them on television, in the news, some of them have even been in movies! And yet, everyone’s eyes were glued to Gold and the Bag of Things, waiting anxiously for their turn. “I’m sure you’ll like whoever you get,” she assured, “even if you don’t believe so at first.”

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