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[PREVIEW] Time Waits For No One

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[PREVIEW] Time Waits For No One

by Default avatar Mirai Project 4 mins.

My name is Bill Warn. I’m 19 years old and go to Stanford University in California. I learned a big lesson when I was 17 years old. A lesson that cost me the love of my life.


I woke up as usual at 6 in the morning, ready to do my boring task of going to school. It was extremely boring, they teach you uninteresting things that you won’t even use in the future, never. I’ve heard about college, I knew that only there you’d learn things that had to do with your future, why can’t school be like that? Honestly, I just went to school to get it done, for my friends, and for… her. I was desperate to go to college, me and my friends even had planned to go to the same one, seeing as that one teaches everything we’re interested in, so… why not?

By staying daydreaming it got late for me to get ready. I got up quickly out of the bed before my mom decided to come to my room and smack me for getting up late. I took my towel and headed to the bathroom and showered with warm water. Once finished, I brushed my teeth. After that, I headed back to my room and put on my school uniform, which made me look like a little kid even though I was already on my last year.

When I went down the stairs my mom was there on the kitchen, furious because I took longer than usual. My breakfast was there too, cold, and the milk warm.

– Why did you take so long this time?

– Sorry mom, I was doing some stuff.

– Hm.

Mom was doubtful, it was clear on her face, after that she went to the stove to take her coffee. I went to the kitchen table and sat down, starting to eat my breakfast as fast as possible since I was quite late for school. When I finished, I went to the door and said goodbye to my mom. Outside, as usual, she… she was waiting for me.

– Billy! You took too long… again!

– S-sorry, Amanda.

– You’ll never gonna change, huh?

Amanda Miller, my neighbor and childhood best friend. We’ve always gone to school together, since we were little babies. She tells me everything, I tell her everything, we were like siblings… at least for her.

I liked her.

I’ve liked her for years, but never dared to tell her, never had the guts for it, and I didn’t even know if she liked me back, in all these years she’s never told me if she had liked any other guys, so I didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.

– Billy? Are you listening? I’m talking to you!

– Huh? Ah!

In that moment, Amanda lightly punched me in the shoulder.

– Man, what are you thinking about? You’re really distracted. Could it be… could it be that you finally like someone?

– H-huh? N-no! What are you talking about?

I got nervous, how could she dare to ask me that if SHE was the one I liked?

– Oooh, little Billy finally has someone he likes? I’m so proud of my baby! I’ll finally have a sister-in-law, it was time.

– A-Amanda, you’re making stuff up.

– Who is it? How’s she? Where did you meet?

Amanda got closer to me with a spark on her eyes I’ve never seen before, it looked like she was really curious to know who was the person that I liked. But I couldn’t tell her, not yet.

– Amanda, we’re late, shouldn’t we go now? —I laughed a little nervous after asking that question—.

– ‘Kay, you’ll tell me later.

Amanda kept going in front of me with a big smile on her face, the same smile that I’ve loved for years.

We arrived at school rather quick, since we spent the whole way talking about everything and anything. Once there, right in the entry was Jefferson. He was like a brother to me, he was my partner in crime, always together in tough times.

– Heeeeeeeey, guuuuuuuuuuuys. —Jefferson smiled brightly and walked towards us, and when he was close enough, he threw himself at me—.

– J-Jefferson… what are you doing?

– I missed you, honey, how could you leave me like that?

– Jefferson is the one you like? I knew it! It was soooooo ooooobvious. You two are like soulmates.

– Gimme a kiss, love. —Jefferson puckered his lips and tried to get closer to my face, as if he was trying to kiss me—.

I sighed. We were the same as always, so I just went on with the joke.

– We can’t here, there’s kids.

– Eeeeeh, I don’t care about kids.

– Uhm, guys, sorry to interrupt your romance buuuuut, we’re late for class my friends.

After Amanda spoke, we went to our classroom and sat down. I sat down right next to the window, I loved looking out while the boring classes took place, it distracted me. Amanda was seated in front of me and Jefferson on my other side, an almost perfect triangle in the corner of the room.

The classes started to go on and on, one after another. The first one was math, you can only imagine the torture it was to have math first thing in the morning on a Monday, when you couldn’t even get enough rest on the weekend. To make it worst, it was two whole hours, two damned hours of numbers that didn’t make any sense. After that it didn’t get better, next was history. The teacher’s voice was like listening to the most boring recital ever, I was almost falling asleep.

After hours of torture it was finally recess, the student’s most waited hour. Amanda, Jefferson and I headed to our favorite spot: under a tree that was a bit isolated, it was perfect. Shadows, peace and fresh air. It was excellent for letting our brains rest.

After sitting down, almost immediately, Amanda let her beautiful voice be heard by saying:

– Hey guys! What if we go bowling tonight? Wouldn’t that be fun? I’ve never done it.

– Huh? Bowling? —said Jefferson, opening up one of his eyes since he was laying down under the tree—. Never played it either, I think that’s a good idea, what do you think, Billy?

– Hmm? Oh yeah, I think we should go.

– Excellent! It’s gonna be so much fun!



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Hello! Welcome to Time Waits For No One. TWFNO it's a short story that reflects what happens if you let the time beat you, if you didn't do the things that you should have done in the moment. Is that feeling when you feel down because you wasted your time.


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