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Chapter 1

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"Mom what did you do this time" I yelled at my mother who was being thrown into a cop car for the hundreth time.

"Don't worry Selena, just go back inside, everything's okay" She gave me a small, forced smile. i began to shake with fear as i watched my mom disappear down the road. Suddenly strong, tattooed arms wrapped around my waist holding me tight and instantly i felt safe again.

"Everything is going to be okay princess, i promise" Justin says as he kisses the top of my head. I turned in his arms so that i was staring at his chest. i looked up into worried golden brown eyes, and instantly i just wanted to fall apart and let my knight and shining armor catch me. My eyes began to water, my bottom lip began to quiver.

"Hey, don't cry, i'm here princess" he said as he stroked my cheek wiping away the few tears that managed to escape. He pulled me closer to his body, wrapping me up into his warmth.

"i love you Jay" I whispered

"i love you so much more, Selena" He whispered back. "Lets go inside" He said as he stepped back and held out his hand for me to place mine in. He led me through the old , dirty glass doors of the lobby and down the hall covered in graffiti to the elevators. We waited in silence for the elevator to arrive. We steeped into the the elevator hand in hand, as soon as the doors closed i felt the high level of energy. I knew that it was coming from Justin, anytime that i'm in pain he wants to make me feel better, make me forget what ever is bothering me. Next thing i know Justin has hit the stop button on the elevator and has me pinned against the wall, his tongue invading my mouth.

"Wait... Justin stop." I struggle to say around his lips, instantly his whole body stills.

"Whats wrong" Justin says with a panicked voice, i find myself looking into terrified eyes."Did i hurt you?"

"No... Justin it's not that......I'm not feeling it right now" I say as sweetly as i can manage

"Selena, please" He says as he begins to kiss my neck

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