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Psychic Kid


Psychic Kid

Antonio Tambornino isn’t even 2 years old when a demon murders his parents and destroys his home.

From above, an angel descends to put a stop to the demons attack, protecting the baby boy, and severely cripples the demon, all but robbing it of its power.

Seeing the baby’s future, the angel lends the boy its life source, giving Antonio the power he will need to defend his home and his world from future attacks from Hell.

The boy remains mostly ignorant of any of this until a subsequent attack years later at his school, as a 16-year-old, when the same demon that came close to taking Antonio’s life before returns to finish what it started.

Antonio uses his power as a telekinetic to break the demon and end the battle before it even begins, the signature for Antonio’s power in effect is his eyes glowing hot pink, making him a freak to some, but to others a source of admiration, and the crush on his school mate Cecilia, who happens to be the daughter of the former Sailor Jupiter.

After the attack, Antonio gets a second visit from the angel called Phoenix, who comes to tell Antonio about the attack, informing Antonio that it is because the angel’s life force is within him that Antonio was attacked a second time by the same demon. Phoenix also informs him that Phoenix is the son of God, which makes Antonio the adopted son of God, and that very soon more demon attacks will be happening and it is Antonio who is now the one to stop them.

During the next demon attack Antonio gets mixed up with the Saiyan Goku, who decides to take it on himself to train Antonio.

Later on, a demon makes a copy of Antonio, the dopple-ganger version of Antonio called Anstrai.

Anstrai becomes an anti-hero, used often to help catch the demons

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Antonio Tambornino


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