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Purely You, Purely You


Purely You, Purely You

Chapter 1

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Out of all the lovely things in this world that could describe you, none of them are quite accurate enough to say that they are purely you. You are purely satisfying to stare at, to smile at, to love. To all of those that have lost you I feel bad for them. I story is hard to reminisce on but any story with you I can remember as clear as the blue oceans at our distant homes. My name is a challenge to remember everyday but yours is the one thing I remember the moment I wake up, I am glad you wake up everyday. Everyday is purely you, with new opportunities and hopes and dreams. My dreams are purely you, as gentle as the breeze along the coasts of Florida, my home, my love, never stop being you. For you, are too pure, too lovely, and too amazing to change for an entire galaxy, my love, never resist my compliments, so often and annoying as I can tell, but I enjoy making you smile for a bit of time if it's possible. Your words are lightning bolts of passion and its magnificent to watch you create all the things in your life like its nothing. I am nothing, compared to you. A pink sky is not as gorgeous as you, my love, keep being you, for someone like you had saved me all these years ago, and I could not thank you enough. Though we are a million miles apart everyday I feel closer to you. Keep drifting. Keep drifting in this cold ocean of a world, and some day we will meet at ocean to reminisce on all our memories.


Your Love

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@you're a peach!

still being a depressed pumpkin over here, this is just me spilling out all the bs i got in my heart for this girl 😂 im really fuckin proud of this tho ngl


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