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Aiko Shinohara


Aiko Shinohara

Chapter 1

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Red. It's bad enough when you see it. It's the reason for death and anger, all these negative feelings that aren't good for your body and head. And heart.

And somehow, it is also associated with romance and love, the exact opposite. Or perhaps it also refers to the heart aches and falling out of love? Two sides of the same coin, many would say.

People somehow get really excited at the mentioning of soul mates. It seems to be a hot topic for the modern generation---in fact, it always is.

As a person who avoids love and relationships at all costs, it is truly a living nightmare. Love? Soul mates? I don't believe in any of that.

Really, what is love? Is it just that tight, fluttery feeling in your chest? Or just a chemical reaction in your brain? Some say both, some say otherwise. I couldn't care less.

Call me crazy, or mentally lacking, whatever it is. Normally a young girl nearing the blossoming age of puberty would be obsessed about love and such.

But I don't really believe in love.

At least, not as much as I used to.

Love I'd say was pointless, yet I'd admit it was necessary. What I don’t get is why people obsess over it and why girls giggle over these things.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm merely a second year middle-schooler who knew none the better. After all, I've never experienced it myself.

If you were to ask me what would make my heart skip a beat, it would be if I accidentally slip and miss a step on a staircase.

Now that would be traumatising.

You see, there's so many stories about this love they talk about. The intimacy, that eagerness to know more about your significant other. How they make your heart race and mind go blank.

I've once longed for that feeling, and admittedly, was a little envious for those who could experience it. Perhaps even jealous. I've searched countless magazines, websites and books, looking for something that would make my life a little more brighter.

But, like Romeo and Juliet's oh-so tragic story, I've only come to a dead end.

Don’t feel bad for me, it was a choice only made by me. I had decided to dedicate all my life to studies and my health, just a simple, good life to live for.

If it only…weren't for that pink angel.

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Hello! I'm new here! I moved her from wattpad and hopefully will have a great time here. This is just an experimental story!


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