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Rewrite the stars

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Rewrite the stars

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Byun Baekhyun, a well-known writer of the country, has the simplest dreams in life. He's always positive at all the things, keep enjoying the time of his life by writing. He has always this bubbly appearance of him that can make affect others and can give them energy. He is like a walking ball of sunshine that everyone wants. But there's a certain place that he always visits even the last time he went there is like a nightmare. He doesn't care about that, all he just want is to stare the sky that full of small shining lights.

Park Chanyeol, a famous composer from a popular entertainment. Even the company almosts begs to him to become one of their idols since he got everything. He always declines, settles himself in composing and hiding from the public. Although he had his own fanbase, he just can't bring himself in the spotlight even the opportunity is already glaring at him. He is the man that loves to settle at the things that makes him satisfied or happy, even in the smallest things. He has a place that he likes to stopped by, the place gives him calm. And while heading there, he never thought he'll be with someone as beautiful as the stars above.

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