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Rise of the Takeda Clan: Prelude (1 of 2)


Rise of the Takeda Clan: Prelude (1 of 2)

by User avatar 1503499730 Wang Long 5 mins.

I stood.

My bare face embraced the cold winter's wind as if nature itself conspired with my worried heart to freeze the blood rushing through my head. Echoes of distant melee directly vibrated on my skin while raising my lazy hairs into attention. The carnage permeated a distinct smell unto the wind that made the vast sky crimson. The once dark plain was now painted in red, as companies of dead men lied onto bare earth.

"Fire!" The man before me said this word with a husky voice that shows his calm behavior.

Immediately on that command, a sea of flames on arrowheads rose behind me soaring through the atmosphere as though a wave of fire was stooping below to bring mortal lives into eternity. Although, a confirmed devastation was suppose to happen, upon the the ground a wall of iron was quickly built by shields of knights and infantry.

"Second Division, charge!" The man before me uttered.

A soft-spoken tone reverberated from the front lines while a combined sound of metal and feet rang loud. The men's faces were not filled with fear, but to my realization those were images of excitement-filled warriors. My excited heart pumped faster than ever before, whenever clangs of their shields resounded through the battlefield. The ruby-entailed metal armor I was wearing couldn't keep my heart from exploding with energy as vibrations of thrill showed the intensity of the fire deep within my heart.

"Kei, please prepare." The man before me said.

The speech of that azure-robed man sitting on a pale horse deposited frenzy inside my palpitating heart. Currently, the passion to massacre heightened in my soul, as my nature of being a Death God was initiated. Behind me, iron-clad knights burst with cheer, while their obsidian-colored capes fluttered in the cold wind, revealing a crimson crest of a scythe forming into the number 7. The number of God as some scholars said, but we are death gods. Hence, we are called the '7th Knights Division' or for a much grander stage we are infamously called the 'Crimson Reapers'.

After a couple of minutes, as the once equally footed forces on the plains were now tilted towards our victory. We then started our part to finish this battle. A loud roar raised our morale high like a tank before a dog, this is our win.

"Formation!" I shouted, with an essence of a warrior that could stop a tsunami of doubt.

Immediately, every obsidian-cloaked horsemen hurried towards the construction of a flying wedge formation. This V-shaped formation is quite effective, as it focuses more on the penetration power, which ultimately is a great weakness to any large scale formations.

"Steady." I said as I raised my hand, signaling a pause.

"7th Division, charge!" The azure-robed man cried as he aimed his arcane staff, accordingly alarming the 4th Artillery Division to fire its fiery wave of arrows and steel balls.

The masterful strategy that the azure-robed man did, was called the 'Scorched Earth Policy'. After all, this is our last siege towards our victory on winning the server-wide [Faction Wars]. Given that we'll win this phase of the siege, then it's a sure win gaining respect and riches for ourselves, and even having the chance to battle Ares the [God of War] of the Romans.

As streams of flaming darts swept low hitting some armored men, and militias alike. My Division quickly galloped towards the middle of their left flank and rushed towards the upper part of their right wing. Furthermore, leading to some confusing behavior of the enemy soldiers, and garnering enough frustration for their commanders.

A little while later, I was running towards the castle gates with my division, as we aimed towards one of their battle commanders, that could ultimately win this battle. Activating Division's skill [Armed Rush] which boosts our running speed, and our overall penetrating damage. Although the enemy commander was holding his silver broadsword, together with his knight troops he was incapable of defending himself from our Rush on a Flying Wedge formation. As he was surrounded by walls on both sides, he was locked on a choke point, not knowing whether to run and be ultimately defeated, or die and let destiny have its course.

"Defend!" The enemy commander shouted, with a glimpse of nervousness inside his voice.

His knight platoon armed with heavy lancers stood upfront, while a squad of a nearby longbow archers tried to slowed us down by sending a wave of iron arrows towards us, but technically their arrows were ineffective that much because of our Rush. It might take a sniper archer to hit one of us, as our speed were heighten to the maximum while we wait our arrival towards the defeat of the enemy commander. Hence, ending this war.

When we were a few feet away from the barricading forces of the enemy commander, a sudden purple light pierced through our formation leaving a wave of awe and dissatisfaction in my subordinates' eyes. That purple glow touched one of the enemy knights, and immediately a purple radiating circle was initiated, and before us were metal soldiers who were falling from their horses and neither them or their horses could bring themselves to stand. For the pressure of that light spell was heavy, it was the azure-robed man's skill called [Gravitational Field: Heavy]. The range was ginormous, it was so long that one might think that he was cheating, which in fact he was not.

Seeing the unbelief completely painted on the enemy knights' eyes. A boost of morale rose from our senses. This sense of victory as you hack your enemy feels like painting a picture that you know will always be great. At first, slashing someone was kind of troublesome, for seeing blood falling from their wounds would trigger a great displeasure from within ourselves, but while playing this game for years now, not a single blood 'could move us anymore, as stats matter, and their cries are our prized possessions.

The first person that met my sword got himself decapitated, as his head was floating around and his eyes were wide open. I immediately followed another slice and this time his armor was crushed, 'cause it was already weaken by the crushing gravity that was pulling him down. I was like the grim reaper that went for a carnage party, fountains of blood were being summoned, as I closed my eyes and feel the madness going on around me, I was pleased.

A moment later, and my sword got a priced head, a long-haired pale face was floating before me, while his body was gushing out a flow of blood towards the air. Seemingly, the eyes on that head were closed. Which took me into a bad mood. He got a peaceful emotion while dying, and I did hate it. I loved seeing heads that has still a glint of fear written on their eyes. For those kinds of head illuminates my path towards enlightenment of being a true death god.

"Notice: The faction [Blood Kingdom] has won the war against the [Divine Castle]. The Blood Empire can choose someone to fight against, Ares and gain greater rewards." The system notice then rang throughout the battle field, as the last head was hacked.

"Ponce!" Seeing the blue notification screen. I immediately, called out the azure-robed man.

Within a few seconds, he was in front of me, a top of a pale horse, with a long staff on his right hand. A glowing halo was around his head. This guy was my friend named [Ponce D. Javier], he's the King of the Blood Kingdom and a good magic-caster, he's an arcane magician. The gold-glow on his head is the reason he can cast from a very long distance, unlike the usual casters, but it actually took us a couple of days before he could wear that seemingly simple circlet on his head.

"What? Are you leaving now? Send my greetings to your parents." He muttered, knowing that I was suppose to wake up earlier for my class.

"Yah, you got me." I replied while laughing.

"By the way, the thing I told you about our trip on the Philippines, we're set right?" I asked, 'cause my father and I actually thought of going off to their country for first for our tour throughout the whole Asia.

"Don't worry, I got it." He replied calmly, while checking the surroundings and commanding some troops to get the loot.

I nodded and smiled, as my heart was calm. I trusted this guy. Immediately, I opened my system screen and checked for some things that I got, before I clicked [Log out] to wake myself up.

Prelude Part (1 of 2)

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