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Shafts of sun rays dance across his lap

His day of labor now behind him

He relaxes into a large leather chair

Legs extended, his feet are bare.

The air he breathes around him

Is filled with the scent of pine

The ceiling and walls with knots intertwined

Give a visual rush while he sips at the wine.

Staying in this incredible lodge

Could anything get any better?

The sounds of John Denver

And a Rocky Mountain High

Sends this man's soul flying to the sky.

Grabbing through the purple haze

The sun forfeits position

Leaving an outline of magnificent peaks

Moving to a night time transition.

His eyes catch movement to his right

A beautiful leg in a red shoe

Manicured hand reaching down

Peeks his interest, what can he do?

He slips on his moccasins

Heads for the bar

Grabs up a stool

Lights a cigar.

Quickly he peers at the chairs now before him

Laying his eyes on the woman in red

Consumed with the loveliness he was now seeing

Asked her to dance and yes is what she said.

He put forth his hand

She place hers in his

Not a ring on the left finger

He was sure she was a Ms.

The music all enthralling

This beauty in his sway

A lady in red was dancing with him

Taking his breath away!

© Joanne Kenzy, 2019. All rights reserved.


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Lamorthony @Lamorthony FairyFriend
I literally came here thinking that the title was talking about a high school.
tazia @Bonnie
I like it. It's perfect.