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Roommates With Vows

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Roommates With Vows

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Moving Out



“Picture frames?”


“Credit cards?”


“BB Gun?”

“As much as I don’t want to say this, check. Remind me why I need this again?”

Jaden rolls his eyes at Jessa, giving her a look. He shifts his position on the driver seat and stretches.

After 22 hours of driving from L.A. to Houston, anybody would get tired. Non-stop driving, only stopping for pee breaks and need for food. Which was constant.

“It’s for your safety, isn’t it obvious?”

Jessa shrugs, opening the car’s door and stretches, yawning.

“But isn’t it against school policy to own and/or use a BB Gun or any sort of weapon?”

Jaden scoffs in reply, also getting out of the car, and opens the trunk.

“Okay, Ms. I-read-school-regulations-for-fun. First of all, it’s gonna come out as a defense mechanism. Second, we got it all under control with the help of our green fellow.” Jaden replies with a smug face while rubbing his index finger and thumb together.

Jessa sighs.

Jessa Louise Beaumont comes from a long line of wealthy families, originating both from her parents, Lucille DuBois-Beaumont and Jean Beaumont. Their family business is mainly a brokerage firm in Wall Street, ran by her father, while her mother runs a law firm, being a lawyer herself. The brokerage firm, Trade & Co., will be passed on to Jessa’s brother, Jaden. Being a Beaumont, she gets to have everything, anytime. You may think she is a spoiled brat, or a mean girl, but she’s far from those things. She’s a wallflower, a bookworm, a silent girl.

Her pitch-black eyes are her most beautiful features, her long, mahogany brown hair cascading down her back. Her slim figure makes her look perfect in every way, making her flawless. Although a stranger to others, once you get to know her, she’s far different.

On the other hand, Jaden Laurent Beaumont is the life of the party; he has been Number 2 in the Most Eligible Bachelors, courtesy of the Forbes Magazine, for 5 years straight. He has also been the cover of the Time Magazine for 3 consecutive issues, whereas his net worth is 120 million. He is part of Alpha Epsilon Pi, being one of its leaders and managing the whole brethren. As the oldest offspring of the Lucille and Jean Beaumont, Trade & Co. will be passed on to him, securing their wealth and fame.

“Jaden, you can’t keep doing this. Money doesn’t solve everything.” she mumbles, taking out some boxes from the trunk. “You can’t just use money to get things your way.” She adjusts her gradeless glasses and sighs.

Her outfit is far from her personality, but either way, she thinks it would help her ‘fit in’. With a white t-shirt under a black business-like blazer, she wears jeans and black Chuck Taylors, completing her look with a gray scarf and satchel-like bag, making her look ‘hipster’. Not forgetting the gradeless glasses. (

“Yes, yes, I know money can’t solve everything, but it does solve your problems.” he replies chuckling, helping her out. “Yo boys!” he shouts out to their butlers and bodyguards.

5 men in tuxedos exit the car and grab boxes, big and small. They stay behind the two siblings, following them while carrying the boxes.

After finishing up, Jaden locks the car and places the keys in his pocket. They each take some boxes and carry them, walking towards the campus’ gates with the 5 men tailing them.

“See, this is what I’m talking about, Jaden.” Jessa mutters. “Everyone here is looking at us already.” “Oh, stop it.” Jaden hushes her. “Don’t mind them.”

“You know, I don’t understand why you want it here.” Jaden exclaims. Jessa groans, her shoulders slumping. “Please don’t start this again.”

He shrugs his shoulders. “What? I mean, you could’ve chosen UC Davis. It’s just a 5-hour drive away from L.A! Or, you should’ve took that Caltech scholarship! Or Oxford!” he grunted.

Jessa puffs. “Okay first, Caltech is mostly “technology” based, which I don’t like. Second, it’s my choice, Jaden. Plus, I need a break from you, always there like a shadow.” she grumbles in reply.

They reach the gates, glancing up.

“Welcome to your new home, Jess. The University of Houston.”

She breathes in fresh air and breathes out, smiling widely.

“Okay don’t smile. It’s fucking creepy. You’re here to learn and socialize and have fun, not kill the Joker.” Jaden says while shivering mockingly. Jessa rolls her eyes and walks towards the gates, excited to know what ahead of her.


They first head to the registration area to fill up some important documents. They inquire about necessary features and amenities about the school, wherein after so, they were given Jessa’s dorm key and ID.

They head to the Calhoun Lofts, finding the dorm. They search the building, the 5 men tailing them while people staring. Jessa feels uncomfortable, feeling their piercing stares dart toward her. Alas, they find the room, Dorm Room Number C309.

“Now, I know it’ll be hard for you to socialize, which happens to every new student, but don’t worry, I paid the school again to let me choose your roommate for the rest of your stay here until your fourth year.” he remarks as he opens the room’s door.

Jessa turns around to him, a shocked expression on her face.


As soon as he opens the door, he puts down the boxes and motions the men to come inside to start furnishing the dorm. He puts up his hands defensively.

“Before you start breaking things, let me sort it out. I had to make a poll and let everyone but you join the poll, and we ended up with a great one. Her name’s Robin and she’s perfect. She likes music and books, like you! From what I dug up, you two have a lot in common.” he encourages.

Jessa folds her arms in front of her with an angry expression. “I think the term you’re looking for is STALKED.” she mutters. “Oh, don’t you underestimate my stalking skills. They’re as professional as James Bond.” he says with a chuckle. Jessa ignores him and turns her back at him.

He sighs and goes behind her, rubbing her shoulders. “Look, I’m doing this for you. I don’t want you to have a tough time, okay?” He hugs her. “You’re my little sister. It’s my obligation to get worried about you.”

Her face softening, she gives a small smile and hugs back. “I know. Thanks, Jade. Thank you for being here for me, helping me out with moving. It’s a really big deal for me.” Jaden smiles back and releases her from the hug, putting his hand on his waist and the other pointing toward a picture frame.


Jaden walks around, observing the dorm. “You know, you’re lucky. This dorm isn’t an ordinary dorm. It’s pretty big for a regular dorm.” he points out. “I mean-“ He points at the kitchen area. “-you guys have a kitchen. A full stove and oven kitchen! When I was in college, me and my roommate had to suffer every night guarding the cupboards and fridge for rats!” he says with exasperation.

Jessa laughs, pushing Jaden lightly. Jaden laughs, putting up his hands. “What? It’s true! Remember Mitch? We each took shifts on guarding the cupboards, listening for squeaks.” They both continue laughing.

Their laughter was interrupted with the knock of the door. They both look at each other and look at the door, both curious to meet Jessa’s new roommate, her roommate that would either ruin her college life, or make it the best.


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Hey guys! This is my first story ever and I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope this story will put a smile to your face. If you notice the Polyvore link, it will direct itself to the set that I made that shows Jessa’s outfit. If it won't work, copy and paste it and search it in Google! :)


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