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Rose Colored Glasses


Rose Colored Glasses

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When did love lose its meaning for me? Was it the day my heart was broken for the first time.Or maybe it was the day I realized that love for most people is platonic. I come from a background that considers "love" itself a disgrace. I am from a place where they find "attraction" a sin so bad that one might burn in hell for eternity for even thinking about "love".

Regardless I was a hopeless romantic. Seeing the world through the rose colored glasses. Everyone seemed so full of everything.People smiled and laughed and were kind to me.

Amidst of these unusual surroundings I still managed to give my heart to someone only to realize my folks were right.I never knew something could break me so much.

I pulled my glasses off. I could not believe the world I was living in. I kept myself as distant from love as humanly possible.I made my heart stone cold.

The world suddenly seemed to be pretty dull. Everyone was selfish and hypocritical. I was surrounded by manipulative misogynistic beings who only thought about profit, even at the cost of those around them.

It was hard to live in here. I had to live in the fear of losing what I have, to be cheated on, to be mistrusted, to be wronged.

In the streets I was , alone and hopeless. There I saw it. Across the street was someone or perhaps the only one who had something unusual. His eyes glowed with love. I was drawn to him.

That was the last time I saw him. Since then, I yearn for him. He is not near me but he is near my heart.

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