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Run Or Die Trying


Run Or Die Trying

Chapter 1

by Image Maliana D. 1 min.

Chapter 1

"I'm not guilty! I"M NOT!"

"The Elemental council and jury have decided yes, you are in fact guilty. You may as well stop fighting now, or you can learn the hard way."

"But I-"




As you can tell, I was going to prison. For the rest of my life. That should be about two more centuries.

Don't ask. I live longer than others.

"Oww," I groan, as the shackles painfully lock on my ankles and wrists.

The guards literally threw me into cell #143. How little I knew how important that number would be if I had any intention of leaving this place.

The guards rambled on, their words lifeless, soulless. They had no feelings.

"You must wake up at 8 o'clock, and you will be called for attendance. Breakfast follows, and then you will go to work. After work you will have free time, but you are limited to what you do. You may not travel outside the planet or fences. They have forces in which if you touch them, security will immediately contacted and your punishment will follow. And trust me, you do NOT want to learn the hard way. After free time is lunch, and excercising follows lunch. After excercising you will shower. Attendance comes after you shower, and you must be there by 5 o'clock. Or punishment. Dinner follows, and then it is lights out. If you are found roaming the halls during lights out you will be-"

" Punished. I get it."

"No interrupting, or you will be punished."

I have a feeling I'm gonna REALLY love this place.

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Mark @markjones
I found this beginning of the book amazing. You should include some more descriptive sentences to allow the readers a bigger incite on the story. Can't wait for more though.(:
Maliana @malianad.

Thanks for the review! :) I am writing chapter two as we speak.