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Sally vs reader

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Sally vs reader

1970 Its hard to move in a new house you have have to start all over . All your friend are gone and you have to make new friends . We only came here cuz dad got a raise and we all decided to get a bigger house and its closer to dad work ( you are 6 years old FYI ) . " Were here " dad said in a excited voice . Even if the house felt old and musty it felt like home . Soon it became night I had everything my bed was there posters everything and it was quite pleasing . I heard laughter " He heh" Then I heard something " hi" an unknown voice . I open my eyes and say a girl in pink and yellowish brownish hair. " my names sally do you want to be my friend " ". Uh why are here in my room ?" . " This is my room I lived here before you guys " sally said with a happy voice . " But don't worry I love sharing " . "uh ok?" "so do you want to play" "sure" sally grabbed her teddy bear "this is charlie" . " Hi charlie ".you said "so whats your name" " um my is y/n " " what a beautiful name " sally said . After that day we allays sneaked the woods and play tag hide seek it was fun .One day I introduced one of my friends to sally it didn't realy work out. " so where sally " your friend ask you ." Let me call her out Sally Sally come out " . " oh shes an imaginary friend " your friend said " no no shes real trust me " Don't worry I still be your friend " ." But shes real " " okay okay shes real " . Thank you but can me and sally talk for a minute " you said "sure I guess " your friend said . she walked out the door. ' WHY DID YOU TRY TO EXPOSE ME " Sally said with an anger voice "I didn't " you said " Where done here " sally said . " know I'll do anything" . " Okay " she said . She told me to kill my parents obviously I didn't do it . my job was to kill them at dinner time . Of course time went to fast . My plan to kill my mom in the kitchen and supersize my dad when he comes. I couldn't do it though soon it it time to go to sleep . " sally I couldn't do it I'm sorry " you said . " take my instead " . an again I heard her devilish laugh " He He dont worry I'll make sure you pay your det me HE HE HE ". To this day it still gives me goose bumps, her insane devilish eyes her laugh felt cold broken like breaking glass that got shattered it hurts still to this day Later I heard screaming " mommy daddy are you okay " you said " Were perfectly okay don't worry " the sounded high pitch childish I opened the door and saw sally with a bloody knife and my dead parents as sally laughs uncontrollably I ran in wood ( I said that sally can in the wood but she cant go anywhere past the a small area of the house ) as far as I can . 10 yeas later ( you are 16 now) They I was dead they my body but the only expiation soon after that day I slept in the wood until some one found me and took me in I changed my name my look even how I act . I didn't live in woods for to long only for couple mounts a old woman saw me and wanted to take care of me but I mom and dad that I will avenge them soon it didn't take to long to find the creeppasta website and I saw sally I was shocked Sally was there I read her story and honestly felt bad for her so I had a plan . I was going to go to the house and burn it maybe her soul will be free . 12:00 pm I didnt bring any weapons it I new I was going to die by the fire no matter what so just didnt bother I went and saw sally "He He He you came back to play goodie " sally said " Im not here to play Im here to set you free " I droped the match "oh you know that cuz terror He He He " . Before it was to late the fire spread making a piece of wood fall and breaking . ( remember this is fiction not real your discration is advice ) .

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Hope you love it I worked the entire day :)


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Sorry if there are spelling misstakes I could not wait to show you guys
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It does have death and I have only been writing a day and my frist one was just a copy past of one of my older project