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Sambalpur and Monica

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Sambalpur and Monica

Chapter 1

I was In my graduation final year and a student of commerce, well this allows me enough liberty not to attend the boring lectures. The campus was huge enclosed by big 7 feet walls. The main campus occupies half of the area and our department was so dilapidated that one won't visit again. My favorite place was cycle stand and library. The library was huge and gives a feeling of 90's. A complete silent long wooden tables, book selves fascinates me to sleep. We used to gossip near cycle stands which allow us to scan every on going girl.

Funzone one of my favorite place to hangout, at least this place dive me into a different world. The world of Play station. A major chunk of boys have this addiction, WHY? may be boys are more creative then girls. I have found and categorized a new type of smell, the video game parlor smell. The smell of plastic and wares and CD. This playstation movement have a great impact on my life. This make me more socialize and smart. You may be wondering how!, well this introduces me some of the legend of my life. Mr Pintu dada. He had a great role rescue me from drowning in quagmire of love, after all he introduced me with the bhoga (a devotional offering made to GOD) of Lord Shiva. The Ganja (marijuana). BUM BHOLE....

Dhara and Paun two of my childhood friends who remains with me through out the incident. These two character are totally different having no common ground except they are friends. Paun is a paramour while dhara is yogic type. I used to grind between them.

Lets jump to the protagonist part and places. Softskill. A personality development and English speaking classes where I meet two wonderful lady, one is Neha mam and other one is Monica.

stay tuned for next episode....

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Bishnu Kumar Behera


Friends this is my first fiction based on a true story. Every one of us a memorable place and event. I walked into my Memory lane and plucked some romantic part depicted on the wall. She was wo beautiful, smart and fashionable. She wore spectacles. Hope you will enjoy it. Want your review.


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