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She's The Trouble Maker

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She's The Trouble Maker

Chapter 1

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Chapter One

"Another Mission"


Around 7:30 PM

Kristen is typing busily like a keyboard monster. She has to pass her article for the school paper, or else the editor-in-chief will burn her alive.

Her eyes are fixed in the whole article, attempting for perfection. Her phone beeped beside her laptop. She groaned in annoy.

"Can't they see I'm busy?"

She snatched her Nokia phone to glance at the message. Her eyeballs almost popped out from her eyes when she scanned the whole text message.

From: 83754728373829

I heard you're also studying on the same campus as I am. No, I am not going to tell anyone. If you don't want to be exposed, Help me and not a word will be leaked. Meet me at the park at 12 midnight.

-Olivia Samson

Received: 7:55 PM

Kristen was mind-blown. She almost dropped her phone because of her clumsiness. She was puzzled. She wondered why Olivia would ask for her services.

Olivia Samson is the highly-honored Campus President who grasps every opportunity that grazes her palms. Means, she was NEVER as in, NEVER involved in any kind of riot.

Kristen tilted her head and thought. "What does she want me to do?"



Kristen arose from the swivel chair and sprinted into her closet. She expertly took her mask and disguised. She wore her favorite denim jacket and cheap ripped jeans. After she stepped inside her sneakers, she locked the front door and silently deserted the small house.

Kristen gasped when she found Olivia alone in the dark. She thought she saw Sadako because of her bloated eyes, messy hair and dark eye bags. Olivia is heartbroken and betrayed. She never had the time to fix herself due to the anguish in her heart.

"Who are you?" Olivia asked Kristen with horror as she sees her coming towards her.

She didn't tell her name. Her identity has to be confidential or else, it will be her doom.

"I'm no one. Now what? What do you want me to do?" Kristen asked fearlessly.

Olivia handed her a paper bag that contains a can of spray paint, a kitchen knife, and surgical gloves. Her eyes darkened as she passed these things to her.

"Listen to me carefully. I had access to your contacts from a gang leader and he promised me that everything will be clean. You have to swear that not a single student in the campus will know anything about this. Clear?"

"I swear."

"Good. I know you're familiar with the name Alex Stephens. Well, he has this sports bike parked in front of his apartment. I want its wheels to explode then using the paint spray, I want you to paint 'DIE' on it. That's all, do you understand?"

She simply nodded. "Yes, I understand."

"I want a proof of your work. Use this camera and I'll wait for you here when you're done."

Kristen's phone vibrated in her pocket. "I sent you Alex's address," Olivia informed her and gestured her to start her mission.

She located Alex's house at 19th street in the same subdivision. The house is in peace, all the lights are off. The sports bike is parked safely in front of their house. It's locked and it's immovable.

Kristen climbed the walls and jumped on the other side. She took small and silent steps towards the bike before handling the spray paint. The paint is bloody red and made the word 'DIE' horrifying. When she's done with her masterpiece, she grabbed the kitchen knife and stabbed both wheels. The wheels exploded and lost its weight.

"Sh*t! What's that?" The light from a room brightened.

Alex rubbed his foggy eyes before he glanced through his window. Kristen captured a quick photo and climbed up from the wall. It was too late for Alex to recognize her because she already abandoned his bike before he sees it happen.

She catches her breath as she heads back to the park. She spotted Olivia on the same spot.

"Give me the camera," Olivia commanded.


She saw the vivid picture of the scene. An evil smile crept on her lips.

"Perfect." She whispered with pleasure.

She handed the white envelope on her palms and instantly gets out of her sight. Kristen counted the salary she received. "A hundred bucks" She whispered in disappointment and pressed her lips together.

It is always not enough.


Kristen covered her face with her hands when she stepped in the house. The air is polluted with second-hand smoke and the foul odor of strong beer.

Cans and bottles are scattered in the living room. Shoes and clothes are to be seen on the floor. At the corner, she caught sight of his drunken brother.

She gritted her teeth and tried to contain her anger but his irresponsibility makes her explode.

"Get up!" She yelled.

"GET THE HELL UP!" She called again.

Drake didn't open his eyes. He pretends to be asleep.

"Get up!!!!!" She shouted with wrath.

This time, he opened his eyes in annoy. "Clean your mess, loser." She snapped angrily at him.

He groaned in irritation. "Don't tell me what to do, bitch. You're not the boss of me."

"Get up, or get out!!!" Kristen yelled.

Drake sat down and put his shirt on. He grimaced at her sister. "You're a pathetic loser. I'll never listen to you!"

"Since the day I started feeding you, I have every right to tell you what to do! Now get up and leave

He laughed bitterly. "Right, but I never told you to feed me. This is not your house." He scowled.

"It's not yours too. You are not doing anything so shut your useless mouth!" I yelled angrily this time.

Drake rolled his eyes.

"Oh really? Let me remind you, your smart mouth killed mom and dad. Better know when to watch your words." He spat and walked away.


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