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Sickness: A My Hero Academia Fanfiction


Sickness: A My Hero Academia Fanfiction

Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: I Do Not own the Original story or Characters, this is simply for fun and nothing else

When Izuku was born Inko know that she was not a very healthy baby. The doctors had told her that her baby girl would probably not live to 3 months. When she cried no one but her sister could get close to her. The doctor was wrong because Izuku lived past 3 months.

11 year old Izuku was laying on her older sister’s lap trying to get some whale deserved sleep. Her sister Shouto who is older than her by an hour was putting her fingers thrpugh Izuku’s soft, short and thick locks of her sisters Dark green hair. Shouto love to play with her sister’s hair especially since it made Izuku sleep. Shouto was glad that her baby sister had not coughed up and puked up blood all day. Shouto’s mother and her sister Inko (Izuku’s mother) had overseen Izuku and her train and making sure that Izuku’s was not endangered in anyway. Their Father Enji Todoroki was apposed to Izuku even training her Quirk but Both women told him that if Izuku could not control her power she would die a miserable death and after that he shut up.

Izuku loved to sleep on her sister because she always cooled her off. She can control her power but she still needs someone to cool her core since she had two quirks half fire and half gravity so Shouto or Shouto’s mother would cool her down before she went to sleep. Izuku had fallen asleep pretty fast and Shouto thought it was a little cute. Shouto worries sometimes that she’ll go to Sleep and awake up to fine Izuku choking on her own blood. Shouto hates it when her little sister starts to cough up blood. If she could she would cure her dear baby sister from this awful disease she has.

14 year old Izuku didn’t know how she got into the hero course but she was in it. Her sister was sitting with her at her desk talking to her and telling her how dangerous it was that she entered the physical exam. Half of Shouto’s red hair was covering her bandaged left eye. Izuku remembers how it happened, it was at a time that Shouto Couldn’t control her fire Quirk and it back fired on her and almost took her eye out. Shouto’s hair was in two beautiful breads one white and the other red. Shouto and her family worry for Izuku and when she was put in class 1-A they were even more worried then normal.

Izuku sighed in distress right before the teacher and an ash blonde boy walked in. the boy sat down and that teacher walk to his desk “Hmm, It took you about 30 seconds to Quiet down” he said “I’m you homeroom teacher Aizawa Shouta pleasure to meet you” he said sleepy “wear this immediately and head to the P.E grounds” he said hand out jump suits.

Izuku stood at the pitching area with the ball in her hand. She knows her sister will yell later but she wanted to pass this and she was probably at the bottom of the list but her could use her Quirk here and there. She took a deep breath used her quirk to make the ball go flying from the force of the fire “FIRE BALL” she cry as it went flying like an exposition had just gone off. She finished the rest of the work. Turns out Aizawa lied when he said that he would expel who ever got last place. Just as Aizawa turn way to leave she coughed up blood and the pink haired girl screamed getting Aizawa’s attention. Shouto rushed to her sister and seemed used to it but still worried. Aizawa walked up to her said that he was taking her to the nurse. Aizawa got a big lecture on looking at student medical fills before doing anything with the students “What if it was worse than what just happen! … What If she died right there where she stood!!” the nurse yell at him.

Shouto was walking back to class Like Recovery Girl told her to. She was worried about her half twin and how much blood she lost. Izuku has never coughed up that much blood before. She opened the door to the class room and a Girl with brown hair walk up to her. “UM … HI how is that girl doing?” she asked rubbing the back of her neck, Shouto stared at her for a long moment before she said that everything was fine. “Your a fucking liar!!” the ash blonde yelled as he stomped over to her “She was Fucking puking up Fucking blood” the ash growled. Shouto look at him with her emotionless and blank stare “She Fine … Recovery Girl is taking care of her” The tone she used showed how she felt, shaky and distressed even though her face was blank.

If she was being honest, she had been terrified when her half sister started to cough up blood for the first time in two weeks. She acted like she was taught to, stay calm, Examine, anlilize and act on what is needed in that moment. Her father dislike how she used that method because she acted like a robot but she couldn’t help it if she acted robotic.

“Hey! Hey! We never got your name!” the brunette said pulling Shouto out of her thoughts “Um … It’s Todoroki Shouto” she said in a nervous tone.

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