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Sidemen Kidnapped and falling in love PART I

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Sidemen Kidnapped and falling in love PART I

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It was a rainy night in England, JJ and Simon were talking in the kitchen while the others were upstairs recording videos that were going to be up in four hours. After a while of talking Simon, all of a sudden heard a noise. A noise that he was not familiar with, he turned around and asked: "Did you hear that?". JJ looked at him like he was just hearing things, BUT then the noise got louder. "What the hell was that?" JJ asked and Simon didn't know, so they decided to investigate the noise. Little did they know though that doing such that thing was a huge mistake in their lives, and the longer they waited an watched it was more scary and devastating. Simon and JJ reached the stairs after slowly walking away from the kitchen, they talked in the quietest voice they could so they wouldn't be heard. They started up the stairs JJ went first not knowing there was someone behind them, he went up a few steps and was just listening to see if he could hear the noise again. Simon followed after a minute and "BAMB" he was grabbed from behind, his mouth was covered with a towel. On the towel was some sort of liquid drug, soon things started to go blurry till he was out with no idea what was happening. JJ turned slowly to talk to Simon, he kept saying his name but no answer so he looked behind him with no sight of him Simon was gone. The noise started up again so JJ bolted up the stairs and hid in Vik's room, Vik looked over to him and asked why the fuck he was in his room. JJ turned to him with the most terrified look on his face, Vik knew something was wrong at that moment but with no explanation, he heard a banging on his door. This went on five minutes and then out of nowhere it just stopped, Vik and JJ just stared at each other than a two bangs came from Josh's. JJ and Vik ran to his room and had seen that Josh's room was empty, they knew Josh was in his room as he was recording a video with Ethan who was over for the night for that purpose. Vik started to worry and JJ was just straight up terrified, Vik walked back towards JJ just to see someone behind him. "BAMB" before he could yell at JJ, JJ and Vik were both grabbed from behind. Vik saw JJ pass out from the drug, then everything was going blurry for Vik. Then Vik blacked out just remembering seeing JJ being dragged away into the dark. After what seemed to be days Vik, JJ and Simon woke up. Simon rubbed his head and looked up, he jumped up and hugged JJ, and Vik. "I'm so glad to see you two!", he said, he looked at them and was just overjoyed but none of them knew where they were at. It was just dark, Simon looked around him to see if can figure out where they were at then he saw Ethan and Josh on the floor he ran over to them. He helped them up, then they hear talking. " Don't we need all Seven sidemen?" some stranger said out on the other side of the space, " Let's just worry about the Five we have right now, we can get the other two later." Said the other stranger. That is when they all knew that once Tobi and Harry get where they are at their escape begains but the one thing they didn't know is that they would fall in love while trying to be free...

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There are Multiple Parts to this, this is the first part.... HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!!


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