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Sold to 5 strange boys


Sold to 5 strange boys

My name is Abbie and this is my story to tell you how i met my amazing husband named Niall.


'Mom hurry up im gona be late'

'Hold on'

I was on my way to school when i saw this boy sitting on the curb it looked like he has ketchup on the side of his mouth. I get out of the car and smile at boy he had nice hair it was brown in a quiff. I think he's in my math class. I was on my way to my locker when some one grabbed me and pulled me in to a teachers classroom, i look at who it was and it was that boy that was sitting on the curb this morning.

Louis POV

wow that girl that looked at me was cute maybe i can take her to ashton and see if she is good to action off. All the boys would like her.

Abbie's POV

I woke up in a bed but it was'nt my bed i looked at the alarm clock and it was 2 pm.

I get up and walk to the door, open it and walk down the stairs and i see the kid that brought me in the closet. I feel my blood boil and i was about to go off on him when he looks at me and smiles 'Hey cutie your up i should probably intraduce myself i'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson.' 'Well hello Louis, i'm Abbie'

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THETOMBOY64 @sportslover64
this is the most boring thing ive ever read
Ness @justness
This is good. You can improve it further by editing this chapter. Sentences lack punctuation and there are some grammatical mistakes here and there. If you focus on these little things surely this story would become better. :)
Ayano @Ayano-chan
Haris @Tommy
pls continue...its really good
Brandy @brandycarringer
I Loved it you should continue it
marlyn @marlyn12
fell in love that's basically it's all about #boring......i read this story before.....need more details and make things more interesting.....make life easier......LEARN HOW TO WRITE STORIES!!!!....(Not a story writer but I am a editor)
kenzie @Kenzie

+ you don't even seem like an Editor.

kenzie @Kenzie

yes, you may be an editor but putting people down isn't what editor's such as your self should do See more

Jocelyn @Jocey90
Rae-Anne @RGirl
tazia @Bonnie
i love it. please continue to write more stories.
jazmin @jaz_loves_to_read
you should make more books, this is my fifth time reading this haha
Ahuly @ahulypichardo
Its goodddd😊 caught me by surprise with the louis thing😂 wasnt expecting it to be about one direction