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Spiders are in the Trees

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Spiders are in the Trees

This is a story not too long ago that had happened to me this last fall. Hope you enjoy!

Sitting out on the porch with the sky darkening, barely enough light to see across the swamp, I sit and think.

There is a wall of trees in front of me, the ones bare to the bark with no leaves left upon them.

The sticks begin to move, not just from the wind, but they sort of start to twist and turn.

Jetting my eyes around the tops of the trees I continue to look for this mysterious source of movement.

I begin to realize that the aura around me is dark and peaceful with the sky full of bright shining stars.

Continuing to look into the trees deeper and deeper, I view this circular pattern exactly like a spider's web forming in the trees. As I stare longer and longer I become enveloped in a circling spider web made from tree branches and what looks to be a black void sucking me in.

The circling pattern consumes itself leaving me with a natural look in the trees with nothing but a memory.

There is nothing but calmness within me as the web fades, and the branches sease to move.

© Jordan Clement, 2019. All rights reserved.

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Jordan Clement


I have many small stories like this that I would love to share. Most of the time if something like this happens it is insignificant and really not a story at all, so I always try to give the best detail as possible!


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H. @HSBrewer
Nice style, enjoyable read. Keep writing!