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Spirit Mermaids


Spirit Mermaids

Chapter 1

My tail sways in the wind as I bathe in the sun. The warmth of the rock comforted me. The water around me was completely clear, so I could see fish swimming down below me. I like to tan my skin in the height of noon before the sharks come. I leave two hours after twelve right before feasting hours.

"Käia! Come into the cave!" This was the warm voice of Nadia, my best friend, warning me to leave. The palm trees dance in the wind that carries me home, to my island cave. I see Nadia waiting for me in the doorway to our cave made from black lava rocks. She radiates confidence. With her black hair and her crystal blue-violet eyes, Nadia knew she was pretty. I swam into the home we share, feeling the cool water against my crisped skin. There are three rooms, lit by a glowing jellyfish's chopped of tentacles. The walls are natural, they look just like a cave above land, with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Nadia's bedroom, my bedroom, and the living room are in the cave. I swam into my bedroom and grabbed a pink comb decorated in pink seashells from my vanity. I combed out my messy strawberry blonde hair as I stared into my own eyes through the mirror.

My nose and cheeks were sprinkled with freckles that connect after a long day of tanning. I'm tan, so my freckles are only a few shades darker than my skin. I put down my comb and looked at my walls of lava rock. There was a photograph of me, taken with a camera we found on the ocean floor, with Nadia, with tails. And another photo without tails.

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Robin @robincarretti
You have a nice style of writing I enjoyed.
Raven @RavenTresses
I liked the cliffhanger at the end, it left me wanting more.