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Story Street: Origins


Story Street: Origins

Chapter 1

A Street Named Story

Over the centuries many stories have been told about the street. Most, if not all, are normally dismissed as being nothing more than folktale or children’s fantasy – and it's certainly likely that a fair share of them may indeed have been fabricated. But the truth is, when it comes to the street, it remains hard to separate what’s real from what’s not. Many of the stories initially thought to be folktale or children’s fantasy later proved to be true – even if some won’t admit to it. Hell, some people even go as far as to deny that the street has ever existed! They say it's just a legend of some sorts…

A legend, right...

The street has always been there for us to see. I know because I’ve seen it. I’ve visited it, time and again. The street has always been there, even if a lot of those walking past it may be too busy with their own lives to acknowledge it. I make sure to acknowledge it whenever I can, even these days, in my old age. It’s the least I could do, given the street has played such a central role in my life.

So please allow me to tell you the street's story as I was once told myself. No one is exactly sure when the street first opened, but the fact is that it has existed for as long as anyone can remember. Ancient scrolls, several millennia old, are the first ones to mention a street named Story where city people gathered to tell and hear all kinds of fantastic tales. Some claim the street may have been the birthplace of many of the world's great religions. Others have theorized that some of the most amazing scientific discoveries in history had been inspired by stories first heard at the street. And during those difficult times when creative freedom found itself threatened by ruthless dictators or wars, the street remained a safe place for those seeking protection from oppression.

Prior to that however, according to what I was told, the street was just another regular street amongst millions of regular streets. There was nothing particularly remarkable about it that could have hinted at the strange, subtle transformation it would soon experience.

And yet, despite its normalcy, that was the street where one normal day a normal passerby decided to suddenly come to a complete halt, turn around and tell all those who now faced him a random story he'd had in his mind for days. The story that was told wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t matter: people loved it the same as if they had been told the best story ever. And with that first story being told that day soon other people passing through the street decided to come to a complete halt, turn around and tell their stories to those who now faced them. From that one person telling a story to a group of people you now had several different people telling several different stories to several different groups of people – and those different groups of people were no longer made up of random passersby either, but by actual visitors who had intended to come and visit the street they had heard so much about, hoping to hear a good story that would brighten their day, make them dream whilst still awake, forget about their troubles even if only for a moment, and meet good old friends for the first time, be them real or imaginary.

The street's fame spread like fire to all corners of the world, capturing people’s imagination and inspiring many to listen to their own inner storytelling voices for the very first time when they wouldn’t have otherwise. And as people came together from near and far to celebrate stories of all sorts and varieties, what had once been just another regular street ceased to exist forever.

And in its place laid Story Street.


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Cynthia @cynthiaparella
I think this is a wonderful idea plan on doing a movie I am an actress and I don't charge too much.
Story @storystreetlabs

Thank you Cynthia! I too think it could be a great story for a movie!

wfghhjghjk' @Eli
I like your writing style. This is a nice start for your story :)