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Supernatural Stories Guaranteed To Creep You Out Book:3&4


Supernatural Stories Guaranteed To Creep You Out Book:3&4

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Our ghost at Pitt [an old townhouse/apartment-type building in Downtown Charleston] does stuff all the time. Knocks on the door, unlocks the door when we’re out, turns the T.V. on, turns lights on and off, bangs on walls.
[When asked to describe more detail and/or how it feels when stuff like this happens]
I felt freaking terrified. There’s not much detail. Most of the time when we have people over stuff happens.

So the worst thing that ever happened at the jail [the place where they have Haunted Jail Tours in Charleston] to me was one night, a woman passed out on a tour and when she came to she threw up. so after dealing with the ambulance and everything I had to go clean it up. I was the only one on the second floor in the pitch black and all of sudden someone starting whispering in my ear… couldn’t understand what they were saying but they did not sound happy.

Pitt [same as the place listed in #2] is just a lot of little things, but this happened to Lauren, it was in the middle of the night and she had a small mirror hanging on the back of her door, it randomly fell and flew to the other side of the room and made this huge noise (more noise than makes sense) then Rosa Parks (the dog) started quietly growling and moving her head looking as though she was watching someone walk across the room.

My friend’s house is wicked old, like 1800’s old, and they have a young girl ghost they named Sarah…. One night we were sleeping in the living room and I woke up and saw Sarah walking down the stairs holding a candle, staring straight ahead. It’s not super paranormal. But creepy as shit.

The ghosts in my house turned off my fan when I was in the bathroom. The “demons” in my apartment at Warren [an apartment complex] take the artwork off my walls at least once a week.

When I was young kid, I had a really big room, with my bed wedged into the corner directly opposite of there the door was. My parents always made me close the door when I went to bed, as well as pull down the shades completely, which left the entire room pitch black whenever I went to bed. And I mean -pitch- black with no hint of moonlight or anything else in the room. Now, that in itself wasn’t a big deal, I’ve never been scared of the dark and I knew my way around that old room in my sleep. never had anything odd happen, either, until one morning. I woke up a bit earlier than usual, I think it was around 5am-ish hearing voices. I immediately recognized them as NOT being my parents, and at the start they were whispering. I can’t remember what they were talking about, but I remember that as soon as I quietly called out, being the retarded kid I was, they grew louder fast, and more voices started talking at once, each over the other until the room was filled with incomprehensible chatter. I panicked, scrambled out of bed, because screw that shit, and tried making my way towards the door with the voices ever growing louder, and now that I was slowly moving through my room, arms stretched out to the front so I wouldn’t run into the walls i heard some of the voices starting to laugh, and I distinctly remember them laughing in a very mocking manner, taunting me for something. When I finally reached my door and just pulled it open, everything was silent IMMEDIATELY. Nothing like that ever happened again, and when I told my parents about it a bit earlier they said they both didn’t hear anything, although they were probably asleep at the time anyway. After that happened, though, I never entered a pitch black room again without some sort of light source. I always tipped my shutters slightly open to allow at least a bit of light into the room and still do that to this day like a normal person.

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