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Take Me There


Take Me There

by Picture?width=100&height=100 Gianna Jaden 1 min.

It is where I belong, even when i'm gone.

Take me to the ocean, where there is no commotion.

On sunlit waters we lay dreaming, where the suns beaming.

Breathe in the ocean, then everything is in slow motion.

Live by the currents and plan by the tides, where beaches and water collide.

Live in the sunshine swim in the sea, look around and sight-see.

Ocean air, salty hair, no feeling of despair.

You never refuse to stop kissing the shore, I've never seen this before.

I crave the smell of warm sea breeze, in 100 degrees.

Sea, air, and sun, summer has only begun.

Waves of the sea help me get back to me.

Whats wrong with just being you, because now i'm leaving you.

© Gianna Jaden, 2019. All rights reserved.


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