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"A cup of cappuccino for Ms. Elle -"

That was the line echoed in my mind the kills my day dreaming as I looked at the handsome guy smiling at me --- and holding that coffee.

I smiled and rushed towards the counter, seems they know me well as a regular customer every night. Yes, every night I always seek for the aroma and hot feeling--- of the coffee as I hold it tight with a simple smile to him. Another "yes" I have a little admiration to that guy, hmmm.. maybe he's also one of the reason why my feet always gather to this way though I'm dead tired from work. I always make sure to take a glimpse of that cute face every night as I walk towards the exit door.

I put my headphones on and play a song that makes my mood like in scene of a music video. I watched the people pass by, the traffic lights, the cars that rushing on this hour and ended looking up --- searching for stars. I smiled.

*** ring***

"Where are you?" his voice sounds worried. "Hello?"

"I'm okay here and quite tired. I'll rest now." I answered as my mood suddenly changed.

"I know you're still outside, I heard cars and--"

"I'm going.. bye!" I interrupted and ended the call.

Seems like someone has their ways to kill my day dreams...oh! Nightdreams?

I crossed the street to return to the hotel where I'm staying for almost two weeks. Living in a new city far from where I belong....

This is the place...where I got many questions. A place where I thought...

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