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Te Amp part:6


Te Amp part:6

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It felt like a dream. He pulled me closer And took off my dress as I was taking his off.I couldn't believe I was having sex. He put on a condom and the next few hours, I can't explain how it went. He touched my everything my boobs, my everything...

he was so smooth he kissed and kissed. He did all the things I never imagined I will do it.

I can give a description about it down here:

He bit my boobs, he kissed, he put his dick on my hole, he touched my vagina and licked it, I licked his dick...

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hornydicksex @fuckmebaby
Thetomboy if u cant deal with it then shove that comment up your fucking ass
hornydicksex @fuckmebaby
Lillian wanna fuck me
THETOMBOY64 @sportslover64
ew thats nasty why would u put that out 4 someone 2 read?! looks like SOMEONES a perv -_-
Lillian @Lilly
sexiest thing ive ever read! good job! NOW MAKE MORE