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Terria the adventure begins


Terria the adventure begins

Chapter 1

The hero was a young boy one day he was playing with his pet bat but then a earthquake happened. The earthquake suddenly stopped after an hour. A giant eye ball came. The hero name stampylongnose he was trying to run away the monster. Late the eye ball left no one was in the village anymore. The village was damaged. Stampy was crying but after a while stampy made a tree hotel. He had trophies of all the monsters


Stampy had some people living with him.

Stampy meet the guy named lee for leeeeeex. Them two became best freinds.

Years later they both went to a strange house the guy there was telling them about a monster called wall of flesh. They began training. When they were ready they went to hell it was hard stampy and lee said " what is that thing aaaaaa" but after the hard fighting and useing positions they made it. They were having a party but then something happened

To be continued


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