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The Absolute Dimension

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The Absolute Dimension

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Author's Note

Hey Guys,

I am totally new to this whole experience of writing a book of my own. I always used to weave up new stories in my head. I love stories and I love reading. Now that I have started writing, I think I love writing as well. This is my first book, so it might not be perfect. But I promised to myself to not give up on facing a few obstacles, because I believe that if you absolutely believe in something, then the universe itself will realign to make it come true for you ( I believe in this concept after reading the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho). Moreover, I am willing to fight tooth and nail for my dream. So guys, give me a chance. I promise to try my best.

The Absolute Dimension, is a work of my imagination, so no coping. I have a frying pan ready for anyone who tries to steal my baby. I am not afraid to go all Rapunzel on you. But seriously guys, I don't think that anyone needs to steal someone else's work to succeed because if you are willing to try, I assure you that, that brilliant mind of yours can come up with a story far better than anyone else's. So boldly follow your dreams guys, as I am following mine. Anyone who doesn't believe in you is only saying that because they can't see that for themselves. So don't follow their example and narrow your vision, neither limit your dreams. And if some extremely rude, narrow minded moron keeps discouraging you then feel free to borrow my frying pan.

Please do encourage my work with suggestions, pointers, constructive criticisms and corrections. Take full advantage of the comment section. Please do vote, because it will be a huge confidence booster to keep going on.

So are you ready for this. Lets go.

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Hey guys, I have already published the first chapter of this book on wattpad. Both Devakinanthans are me actually. So if you want you can read from wattpad too. Please do put in your comments and suggestions. Vote and follow me. Love, Geet


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Carlos @carlos
Hi Devakinanthan! Welcome to our little community. We are glad to have you on board and applaud you for having the courage to share your writing - which I know is not always easy! But the idea for Story Street Labs is exactly that - to grant people everywhere a safe space to really explore the storytellers in them. No one has a perfect story to begin with - we can only become better at it by practicing, sharing it with others, listening to feedback and learning our own voice. Congratulations on taking this first step and hope to read more from you soon! :)
Devakinanthan @Geetanjali
Guys, please do comment and vote. It gives me courage to carry on.