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The Absolute Dimension

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The Absolute Dimension

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

“I am almost there, I am almost there, I can make it...” I kept telling myself this over and over again. I just need to cross that border line. But part of was already accepting the fact that at the rate at which I am losing blood right now, I was never going to make it.

I tried my level best to move forward even after 5 bullets had lodged different parts of my body. My second in command, Ahem was fighting back to back with me. We moved in sync, fighting our way across the field towards the borderline. My men might not be the best skilled, But as a team we were a force to reckoned with. But being heavily out-numbered and being at other multiple disadvantages were taking its toll on us.

The layout of the battle zone was pretty simple. The enemy trope which was much larger in number had already claimed all the prime spots on the ground. They were equipped with much advanced weapons technology than us. I lost half my men to “The Pulse”. An instrument that they use to send shock waves at us, that can easily shatter every bone in a body with a single impact. My team aligned themselves in the best way possible to protect Ahem and I. All of us were trained to analyse and deflect the enemy’s advances. But bullets from hidden snipers capable of easily penetrating our shields were another thing.

My mouth was getting pooled with my blood. I spat it out but the metallic taste remained. I was dragging my now useless left leg using my other good one. I sensed another Pulse load in my direction. I rolled on the ground to avoid it but I was less lucky in avoiding the laser beam aimed at me. I felt it scorch the right side of my face completely. The smell of my own seared flesh started suffocating me. With my one good eye I saw that Ahem has fallen as well. I chastised myself to try and get up, but to no avail. The last thing I remember is Rudre walking up to me with a teasing smile. “You lost, sweetheart.” He said chuckling. I tried to smile back. “But I was so close to victory.” I whined to him before darkness consumed me.

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yup! The first Chapter is here. Tell me what you think. I am looking forward to your comments and votes. Love, Geet


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