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The All-House Slytherin:A Harry Potter Fanfiction


The All-House Slytherin:A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Chapter 1

Lamorthony Valenteener Hurtswarmth, a girl with mint-green eyes and silver-blonde hair, walks through the border between platforms nine and ten at King’s Cross with her parents. On the other side, there is a sign that says platform nine and three-quarters and a scarlet steam engine.

“Make sure to choose wisely when you make friends with the other students,”s ays Valenteena Crystalization Hurtswarmth, Lamorthony’s mother.

“Try your best to keep them too,” Geoffrey Lloyd Hurtswarmth, Lamorthony’s father, tells her. “By the way, keep your enemy level as low as possible.”

“Also, be as clever as a Ravenclaw,”

“as cheerful as a Hufflepuff,”

“as ambitious as a Slytherin and,”

“as brave as a Gryffindor.”

Together, they both say, “But most importantly, show whatever House that you’ll be in your House pride!”

The three end with a group hug as a whistle sounds. Lamorthony runs on the train, taking her luggage with her. As she searches for a seat, the train begins to move. She passes two twin boys with bright red hair before finding a compartment that wasn’t already full. She walks into the compartment and finds two boys, who were about the same age as herself, talking.

“Um...excuse me,”she says as the boys turn their heads towards her. “Is it okay if I sit with you guys?”

The boys nod and go back to talking again. Lamorthony put her trunk aside and her cage, which had an eagle owl in it that she had named Lovebird for no particular reason. Well, maybe. She took a muggle so-call fantasy book out of her trunk and starts reading.

About an hour and a half later, the food cart came and she and one of the boys, who has green eyes and jet-black hair, went to get something to eat. Lamorthony got some Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavour beans and went back to her seat.

Later, the black-haired boy came back into the compartment. Lamorthony and the other boy, who had red hair just like the twins that she had seen when she was in the corridor, stare at him: he had gotten some of everything that was on the cart.

Okay, Lomorthony thinks, that was a bit awkward. She starts reading again, eating her Chocolate Frogs once in awhile and put the cards beside her.

Sometime after that, a round face boy came in to try to find a toad. None of them had, so he went away.

Then, the boy with red hair took out his wand, ready to cast a spell. As he raises his wand, the round faced boy comes back with a girl who had frizzy brown hair and had already changed into her Hogwarts robes.

The girl start talking and they introduce themselves. The girl’s name is Hermione Granger, the black-haired boy is Harry Potter, and the red-haired boy’s name is Ron Weasley.

After the two left, Ron says that everyone in his family were in Gry- ffindor and told them to imagine if they put him in Slytherin.

He probably isn’t expecting an answer, but Larmorthony still says,“I can imagine. We’d probably hang out in the Slytherin Common Room. Why do not like Slytherin House anyway?” Harry says that it was the House that Voldemort was in a questioning way and responses by saying, “Oh! Right, that. Well, not every Slytherin was and is like Voldemort, though. For instance, Merlin was a Slytherin.”

“Umm…, okay.”

Then the two boys go back to talking while Lamorthony continues reading her book.

I few minutes later, three boys walked into their compartment.The boy stand between the other two had grey eyes and white-blonde hair, tells Lamorthony Ron and Harry that the two boys beside him were Crabbe and Goyle and that his own name is Draco Malfoy.

Ron coughs, hiding a snigger. Lamorthony and Draco looks at him, Lamorthony does so with wide eyes and a confused look.

Draco asked Ron if he thought that his name was funny. Lamorthony gasps, still wide-eyed and confused about the situation. She decided to not listen to the boys and tries her best to focus on reading her book.

Draco notices this, so he takes Lamorthony’s book away from her and looks at it.

“This a muggle romance novel, sweetie?”He asks her teasingly.

Lamorthony blushes and nodes. She faces him and asks, “Can I have that back now?”
“I don’t now about that.”

Lamorthony stares at him for a few moments. Then she says, “Well, I’ll just take it then,”and snaches the book awy from him, running to the girls’ restroom before he could follow, taking all of her stuff with her. She goes into a stall and starts changing into her Hogwarts robes.She runs back to the outside of the compartment that she had come out of. She’s there right on time to see Harry rejecting Draco’s had, saying that he thinks that he can tell who the wrong sort are for himself.

Lamorthony gasps a little too loudly and all five of the boys look at her. For some reason, Lamorthony smirks when she’s mad, sort of like the way her father smiles awkwardly when he’s mad. So, she smirks and Draco asks harshly, “What’s your problem?” This made Lamorthony burst into tears.

She runs past compartment until she found one that contained two talking girls. One of them has short brown hair while the other had long gold-blonde hair that had light blue and silver streaks. When she walks into the compartment, the blonde girl asks her, “Do you want to sit with us?”

Lamorthony nodes and sits beside her. “Hello, my name’s Lamorthony Valenteener Hurtswarmth. Who are you two?

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Guess who the girls are! One of them is a OC that I'll have in Time to Play...Fangirl Style!(A Fanfiction). This is my main Harry Potter fanfiction, so Lamorthony is me. Who do you ship Lamorthony with? It won't change anything, but still! Has anyone found the romance in here?


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