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The Awakening


The Awakening

Chapter 1

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I found myself staring into the roof of an unfamiliar room. My eyelids felt heavy as I slowly opened them and started looking around.

"Babe?" I said, rolling over as the memories came flooding back. I sighed heavily, he was fast asleep.


I guess.

I carefully got out of bed, ensuring that I didn't wake him, and made my way to the bathroom. I slid to the floor as the tears came rushing out. I did it again, didn't I? Stupid! I wiped the tears as a new wave came through.

How pathetic can I get? Here I am, in the bathroom of a guy I met a few months ago, crying my eyes out. Its like I just get up and -..

"Sam?", a soft voice called from behind the door. A gentle knock followed. "Are you okay in there?"

I jumped, startled. I really wasn't expecting him to wake up and come to me.

"Yeah" I replied, clearing my throat. I got up carefully and wiped my tear stricken face and cracked the door slightly. I saw him. Sleepy brown eyes, nappy hair and thick muscles. I blushed slightly. As if I was in a trance I opened the door and fell right into his open arms. He was warm and comfortable. His scent mesmerizing. I was drawn like a moth to a flame. He held me close and lifted me up. He pulled me closer and bit my neck. I jumped. Flashbacks of earlier started running through my mind as I turned to face him. Those sleepy brown eyes are now suddenly awake. Hungry. Wild. Ravished. Should I really do this again? He slowly eased me down and as my feet touched the cool tile he attacked my lips. I can't kiss to save my life but I was doing it so effortlessly, with such ease. The urgency behind each kiss, the passion; did he really love me as he said he did?

He pulled back, I whimpered. There I was, breathing heavily, flustered. He stepped closer. His body almost burning up. It was so dark! I reached out for his hand but I grabbed something else. I squealed and pulled back my hand. He laughed and kissed my forehead. He found my hand effortlessly and we walked towards the faint light at the end of the hall. He pushed opened the door and I walked over to the bed and just dropped into it.

This spot.

I laughed to myself. I picked up my scent, faint but present.

He walked over to me and I looked up. I loved what i see. Soft black curls made their way from his chest down to his belly, slowly fading to that fresh shave from earlier. Its quite obvious that he's ready to go again but I so scared! He came over me and kissed my stomach. I jumped! WHY DOES HE KEEP DOING THAT??? He kissed his down and around, carefully avoiding that sensitive bit of flash. He lifted my leg and kissed behind my knee and nipped it gently. I let out a soft moan. I was soooo new to this! He nipped and licked at the skin behind my knee more and I felt like I was going to go crazy! He started kissing his way up and licked my inner thigh.

Oh Lord!

My mouth began to water. Why are you torturing me????

He spread my lips effortlessly with his and began caressing them both delicately and passionately. I couldn't hold back the screams and moans anymore. My voice filled the room and I was hoping and praying that my screams didn't carry to the neighbors house. He parted, he pulled, he sucked, I screamed, I trembled, I moaned.

Waves of pleasure rocked my body. I yelled his name as I shook from the excitement !

"Alllllleeeeexxxxxx!!!!!" I moaned through clenched teeth. He kissed my lips one last time before he eased up and smirked. My heart was racing and then he came between my legs and I felt like my blood began to boil. I suddenly felt hot! I bit my lips as that huge hunk of flesh poked my dripping wet core. I felt a longing from deep inside of me.

Just put it in!

As if reading my mind he eased it in.


I dug my nails into his back as he stretched me with every inch of him. I pulled him closer with every stroke he made. My back arched and I wrapped my legs around him, digging my nails deeper and biting his neck. Why does something so so wrong have to feel so fucking good! He quickened the pace and being the sensitive woman that I am, I start screaming down the place.. But this isn't enough.. I want to go on top!

"I... wanna.. go... on.. top" I muttered breathlessly into his ear. I nibbled on his ear and he pulled out slowly.


He smirked and I pushed him on the bed. I couldn't take the wait. I climbed on top and gently eased it in and I rode him slowly. Oh my gosh! Yeeesssss!!! This has to be the greatest I've ever felt in my life! I looked down on him and his eyes were closed and he was biting his lips. I started riding faster and faster. I tensed up. He let out a loud groan. He held my waist to speed up the pace and I could swear I started seeing stars! Before I knew it I was staring at the roof. He flipped me over with such swift, fluid movement. He held me there, my legs on his shoulders and staring into his eyes. He started pounding.

I moaned louder with each thrust!

He pounded and grinded and pounded and grinded until I started shaking like a crack addict from an overdose. He held my hands and kissed my lips as he left out as guttural moan. My stomach clenched from that violent orgasm. I looked into his eyes, completely mesmerized. He pulled out and I could feel his essence running out. I smiled as he curled up beside me and pulled me close.

His sweet scent filled my nostrils.

He flicked a bead of sweat from my brow and kissed my forehead.


I buried my head on his chest, playing with the soft curls that define his chest. He wrapped his strong, muscular arms around me.

I closed my eyes and the flashbacks swamped me.

A soft moan escapes between my lips as he plays with me.

I slowly drift off to sleep with a huge smile on my face.

I can't wait to do this again.

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