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The Bare Bones of Late Autumn

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The Bare Bones of Late Autumn

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We lie prone under these stars

Light years away from our burning hearts they stay still

It can not be said what we think now

But sometimes I wonder about the leaves

There is a pillow of them here for us

Do they look up and wonder at their skeletons

Do they fear that being shed makes them without value

Soon they will lose their color, as I did

Soon they will find themselves damp and then dirt

I look up and wonder if the moon wishes it were the sun

Shine a little bit brighter tide puller

Tug the barest bit of my soul toward you in this night

If I am to be whole again someday maybe I should consider this moment

There is a sure sign of starting again in this world I lie under

The barest bones of autumn’s trees

We can not know what the wind feels like on their revealed skins

But we can know that we shiver with October’s breeze

There is a sure sign of starting over, after a blanket leaves them dormant

I lie here, with or without you

I wonder about this night about the skeletons

Whoever I am now is not so half as bright as the leaves that still remain

A few cling to their branch as if it will matter

I see the stars, burning so far away from my cold

If I was just an inch closer maybe they would warm me from the inside

Ignite the dust of the galaxies that formed this mortal shell

Or maybe I’m more earthly than that

Maybe the leaves are trying to tell me something

Hanging on without any real point

Trying to protect the bare bones of late autumn

© Renee, 2019. All rights reserved.


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