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The blood of Yggdrasil.

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The blood of Yggdrasil.

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1, Welcome to Yggdrasil.

Leticia’s P.O.V.

“We have all heard stories about powerful wizards and how they use mana to cast mighty spells, but what if I told you that magic was real, and that mana wasn’t just this strange energy, but had a physical form. You see, mana is the blood of Icterical, the world tree. It’s blood pops up every so often in a material form that we can use it in. wars are often fought over these mana stores all over the world. We call them mana wars. They happen every 10-40 years or so, and only those of us in the mage’s society know about it.” My history teacher went on and on. Seriously, when has this guy ever stopped to take a breath?

Hi. My name’s Leticia. Leticia D’ark. I am a student at Paris academy of magecraft. It is located inside the Eifel tower. It is kind of like the tent from harry potter in the sense that it is bigger from the inside than it looks on the outside. For the past 60 minutes, my history teacher has been giving a lecture on mana and how it was found. About half of the class, including myself, are half asleep.


The bell finally rings and we all book it because school is now out. I look in the mirror that I keep in my bag. I have black hair that comes down to the bottom of my neck, blue eyes, and a hairpin keeping my bangs out of my face. I am wearing a red jacket with a gold pattern on it over a black long sleeved shirt that I made a few days ago, and a pair of black jeans with my red and white Adidas. I also wear a sterling silver pendant in the silhouette of a wolf’s head with the words “Lone wolf” engraved onto it. I stop at my dorm to drop off mt stuff to find it sealed shut with duct tape. There was a not taped to the door.

“Your welcome.

-team phenix”

I should probably explain what’s going on here, in our school, all of the dorms are divided up into two teams, the phenix team and the centaur team. I am on the centaur team, and just got hit by team phenix. I will probably get them back in due time, but it’s still annoying.

I drop my stuff of, but then I start to get this weird feeling, one that I’ve never felt before.

I take some of my catalysts and a pendant with me and head for the ground level. From there, I start heading for the city outskirts. The farther away that I get from the city center, the stronger the feeling becomes. Once I get out of the city, which took 10 minutes thanks to my magically augmented legs, I saw what was causing the strange feeling. And I almost didn’t believe myself. It was a mana vain, and a big one. The books at the academy said that they were normally as big as a small cave, but this one was huge. I was excited because it was something new, but I was also terrified because this meant one thing.

I am now the first participant of the newest mana war…

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@I. D'arc Pendragon

This story is my latest addition to a book series that I am making called the Iris Series. You can find the other books on my account at, but be advised that none of the books in this series are finished. Thank you for your time!


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Bhuvi @Ivory Blue
Amazing. Keep up the good work!
Ian_Ward @I. D'arc Pendragon

Thank you. And I will.