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The Body Store


The Body Store

by Default avatar Aimee Watson 2 mins.

“Be comfortable in your own skin,” is a phrase from the Dark Ages that doesn’t really apply to the 51st century.

That’s partially because we have more self-esteem issues. Partially because we’re under more pressure to be beautiful than our 21st century counterparts. But it’s mostly because the majority of the population isn’t wearing their own skin.

Let me explain.

So, back in the Dark Ages, a few people began to play around with the arcane art of plastic surgery. They were adorably amazed with the results – people getting new noses! New faces! New bodies! Fancy that. So, zoom forward a few decades, and people wanted something better. Something subtler. So the surgeons improved their techniques and made the plastic more malleable and authentic than before.

But the ugly rich still weren’t satisfied. They didn’t want plastic - they wanted the authentic, real thing.

And so the Body Store was established.

A multinational corporation with branches across the globe, the Body Store sells the most beautiful products. Like almond shaped, hazelnut eyes. Or plump, pale pink lips. They also have smooth, clear, bronze skin for sale, available in five different sizes.

Seriously, they stock everything. You can enter the Store as one person and leave as a completely different one - it is so much fun. And the Body Store isn’t one of those fake stores that try to fob you off with strengthened plastic or silicone.

They make their products from the real thing.

See, they have these farms, all across the world. There’s one or two in Eastern Europe, a few in South East Asia, a couple in sub-Saharan Africa and a ton in Latin America. Each beast in the farm is top quality, first class, and well taken care of until harvest day. It’s expensive to run such an honest, organic system across the globe, but the Store does all this because they want to give us the best choices possible.

However, back when it was first established, many people failed to appreciate this generous variety of choice. There was a lot of protest and lobbying against this simple, elegant system, with some even suggesting that the Body Store was immoral and wrong. These critics didn’t seem to understand the difference between the human customer and the farm beasts. But the Store was always calm and eloquent on the matter:

Although the beast and the customer may look similar, there are certainly a few aspects that make them different - for one, the gap in intelligence. Our customers are well spoken and well educated in the arts of consuming products and observing advertisements. The beasts, however, don’t even know the difference between a 747-bQ3 catalogue and an EsTTyu59 catalogue. Another distinction is priorities. We strive to have the best experiences, the best bodies and the best technology available. This need for more is severely lacking in the beasts - they are, poor things, always afflicted with a state of contentment. Finally, the most important difference. What ultimately sets a human from a beast is their Body Shop membership card! We either work for you or you work for us. That’s the real big difference.”

So as long as you have your membership card, you’re fine.

I just… may have misplaced mine.

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Carlos @carlos
This is a great plot - it's something we can relate to given how much importance we seem to give cosmetics and the ideal of beauty that's constantly pushed on us everywhere. It also hints at the divide between developed and developing worlds and perfectly set ups the plot of the story itself, with the narrator seemingly in danger of being mistaken for one of the so-called-beasts. And I love the way you pitched your idea - I think you made it very hard for anyone who starts reading this to drop it before they reach the end. I can totally see this as a political action thriller in a haunting world that remarkably mirrors the world we live in today. Awesome, I'd love to get to know more about how your story develops!
Aimee @aimeewatson

Wow, thank you so much!

Mark @markharland
A really good title and a superb premise. There are one or two bits that could be a little tighter. Perhaps the last big para? 7/10 for me means that you can tell a story well, with a considered structure and a bang at the end. Keep writing.
Rob @Nomad
This is great, and it opens up so many possibilities for a longer story. I'm imagining a story about one of the "beasts" and what life is like on one of those farms. There are so many ways you could go with this - and I hope you do. You've established the groundwork for a really intense story here.
Syndi @Syndi
(It seems that my comment suddenly disappeared. Anyway, I'll try to remember what I wrote a while ago.) I think this should be categorized under Sci-Fi thriller because of how your plot flow. I can imagine that the setting of your story is similar to that of Underworld or Resident Evil - dark and depressing with a little ray of hope. Good job and keep it coming!
Ananya @Avery
The idea of it is so different...its a great plot
Stormi @stormiharris
That was sooooooooooo good!!!!
Sarah @sarahharper
a wanna card...
Ana @Ana Zing
Very good story. I give it 9/10. I want to know more.
Nitheesh @bookmagnet
AN amazing read!!btw please do read my first story here, “Dear Mr.Father in law”. A humorous tale about an awkward guy
Deysi @deysicastillo
great story mind checking mines out its really short and would mean a lot to me -thanks <3
disania @clutoinpf
It's a really great starting.Would love to read more.
disania @clutoinpf
It's a really great starting.Would love to read more.
disania @clutoinpf
It's a really great starting.Would love to read more.
disania @clutoinpf
It's a really great starting.Would love to read more.
Ally @Smol_Coffee_Bean!
This was extremely entertaining and i was terrified as you described it. It was unbelievable but i love it!!
Lillian @Lilly
This is a good plot for a novel, not merely a short story. I feel like you could..hmm...I don't know what to say... I just feel like this should develop into something bigger, bolder, better. Again, I don't know what to say, because there's SO MANY good things to say. It also scares me- YOU might be the beast! It just occurs to me that those little dots you put behind just ''...'' it just made it EVEN MORE thrilling. You have a good plot for a novel. Best of luck! :P
Alice @Mad Hatter
great!!!! would love to readmore
Bhuvi @Ivory Blue
loved it !!!!!!!!!!
Disha @dishaboro
This is really good
H. @HSBrewer
Great story! Keep writing I like your style, Can't wait to read some more.
Angel @Angellove
I love it and it is true. We all want what we do not have.
yosiyah @yoyo
its called red x
yosiyah @yoyo
please read my story
yosiyah @yoyo
please read my story
Sineluce @sinelucevelius-tristitia
Oh a delightful mix of human morals versus their vanity. It's always so interesting to see what kinds of things people can come up with with such a... let's say taboo... topic. I look forward to see where you are going to take us.
korean_icecream @mariaclaver
Your plot flow was definitely suave, something I could learn from. This is great!
Syndi @Syndi
Oh wow! A Sci-fi thriller story that I'm eager to wait for the next chapter. You have done a pretty good job! I wonder what will be the role that your heroine be playing. I imagine the setting like that of Underworld or Resident Evil. Keep it coming!
Gawie @gawierichter
Amazing concept - like Carlos said: once in, I couldn't leave until I've finished. Creative and highly entertaining. Thanking you.
Saini @manoj
this is great story...
Holland @hollandrobinson
This was very good - I love the creepy and unsettling stuff. And this could definitely be expanded into a whole novel! I know this was an intro, but I want to know more about the narrator...I hope the ending indicates that he/she is going to be a badass and fight against the Body Store!
Pax @pax
Carlos took the words right out of my mouth. You have a solid premise here.
Sam @Nalu
I loved the concept, it has a message that can be applied to todays world, which make your writing all the more impactful. The only criticisms I have would be that at some points I felt a little disconnected from the message, and it didn't hit me quite the way I wanted it to. I think if you played on people's emotions a little more, while still keeping this oblivious consumer based feel of the writing that would be fantastic. Overall this was good writing and a great concept, thanks for sharing. :)
Venus @SayameYuna
Beautifully creepy! I it wrong that I can actually see this happening? Is this a multi-chapter? Because it's seriously a nice read. Looking forward to more of your works though! Thanks for sharing @aimeewatson !
victoria @Yuki
woah so the lower class people are now no more than animals and the higher class people are people. scary
A @ajade
Great plot
Angel @angeledmonds
that was scary lol