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The boy I used to know


The boy I used to know

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The sweet truth:

I met a man once, no a guy, wait, no a boy! Yes a boy, he was technically a man yet his brain was like a boys. He was so sweet, so patient, so happy. He was heart broken yet so in love with life!

I felt hard for that man with a heart of a boy, the way that he made me feel every time I was with him I was always left speechless. Always wanting more of him. Yes he made me feel something I had never felt before, something that made get closer and closer to him, that don't know what that always makes you act weir around somebody and you don't even notice until it's too late.

The bitter reality:

Now I see a zombie doing the same routine everyday, a robot in a cycle that is hard to break. A grown man that had not been the fun boy I once knew, the one I fell in love with. A broken soul that only sees one objective ahead and nothing more. Somebody that wants to drag everyone to his hell without thinking of the consequences. I can't explain why I hate to be close to him, why I feel like this is somebody else. I can't help but put my guard up when I see him, when I feel him near me I feel the need to protect myself. I go back to my old habits of not opening as much as I used to.

The old me has awaken and is ready for anything that is in the way!!!

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so I'm having some personal troubles and might not post during some time, I'm sorry in advance if that does happen.


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