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The Curse Of The Fake Diamond

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The Curse Of The Fake Diamond

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2. The lovely diamond

“Kids, you didn’t have your group activity of your first semester. So you are going have it now. You can take any topic of this semester and explain about it. You will have only a partner with whom you have to do it and I will tell you about your partner.” said the teaher. Chris was Elizabeth’s partner. She was really happy as she was working with her crush.

At evening Elizabeth was alone at home that time Chris came to do the activity. They started thinking about it.

“Maybe we can make a model of a volcano and explain about it.” suggested Chris.

“T-that’s a g-great idea.” said Elizabeth.

“Okay... I will come here to help you every day until the last submission date.” said Chris.

“Every day?” yelled Elizabeth.

“Yeah, every day. Is there any problem?” said Chris.


“Then okay. We’ll need some papers, some glue......” said Chris.

Elizabeth was lost in dreams and was looking at him continuously.

“Elizabeth? Eliza?” said Chris.

“Y-Yes... Yes Chris.” said Elizabeth and wok up from her dreams.

“Uh.... Eliza... It’s getting too late maybe I should go.” said Chris.

“Oh-okay then, tomorrow, buy the things that are needed and come.” said Elizabeth.


When Chris was leaving he saw a gift shop. He thought of buying a gift for Amanda. He went in and saw an elderly woman in the shop.

“Uh, can you show me a gift that is good to give to a girl.” said Chris to the woman.

“You are too young to propose a girl.” she smiled and walked towards the shelf. She took out a beautiful box and opened it.

“This, boy, is a friendship diamond. It will surely allure your girl.” she said and took out a yellow diamond out of the box, “I wish I had its pink shade.”

“Doesn’t matters. Yellow is a colour of friendship. I’ll first do friendship and then love.” said Chris.


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