15   1 %289%29 Jeana Bennett

3 mins.

The Flower Shop((Grell Sutcliff X Reader *OneShot*


The Flower Shop((Grell Sutcliff X Reader *OneShot*

by 15   1 %289%29 Jeana Bennett 3 mins.

As you walked down the halls of the Dispatch Association you passed a few of your higher ups, your shoes left a small click with each step on the tile. You were one of the vary few Females that made it to be a reaper. As you passed a William T. Spears he stopped you and you looked at him a bit nervous, you feared you might have done something. He looked to you and spoke "Ms. L/N..." You gulped and looked up at him. "Y-Yes sir?" He glared to you and spoke in a somewhat hash sounding tone. "You are in two violations...." you gulped again and nodded. "I apologize sir.. but.. which ones..?" William adjusted his spectacles and looked to you, light gleaming off one of the lenses." Your scythe is not repaired still, nor is it clean, and your clothing is not as it should be..." You nodded "I'm vary sorry sir... I have just been.. busy is all.." William glared more intently. " Your death scythe should be a first priority Y/N... it is not a secondary choice and as for your clothes they should be more straightened. It is so you look formal rather than-" He was cut off by the vary familiar and flamboyant voice saying " Oh Will lighten up! It's not like she's doing it on purpose~ " You looked over and sighed in relief. Grell came to save you from the rant that was proceeding with Will. Will glared to him and walked away as Grell began walking over and bent down a bit as he began fixing your clothes. you blushed slightly at this and let him since he did it often."You know I'm always going to have to fix you up. it's for your own good." You let out a slight chuckle " As I've heard before.." He stood up straight again and looked down to you. "Hmm.. Y/N?" You looked up to him and tilted your head "Yes?" Grell was messing with a strand of his hair "Will you go to the flower shop with me later?" You giggled a bit "why?" "I want you to help me find a perfect bouquet why else?" He looked to you again and you nodded " of course I can help! but I should go finish my paper work so I wont have to work overtime..." he nodded and walked behind you as he began pushing you towards you office. "then go!!" he giggled and you laughed a bit at this. You went into your office and sat at the desk, and began focusing on your work. Once the day was done you had just finished. You got up and walked out of your office. You were immediately greeted by Grell who was outside of the door when you walked out . It startled you at first but you giggled. "Ready to go Grell? " He nodded "Absolutely!" Grell hooked her arm with your's and began walking and giggled. You blushed and smiled. You had developed some feelings towards him, but you knew he didn't feel the same as he was always on about Will or Sebastian. But you would rather be friends instead of nothing. Once you arrived to the flower shop Grell looked around before looking to you and unlatching your arms."What kind of flowers do you think looks pretty?" You looked up to him a bit confused "Well... I like pink, red, and white Roses, I can't think of many others. Why?" He smiled. "Then that's what we're getting." you looked to him surprised. "Wait what?" Grell went and picked out the flowers you said, and had the shop owner wrap them into a bouquet. You walked over to him "Grell what are you-" He cut you off " You'll find out soon enough~" You only nodded with a bit of blush. When Grell got the flowers back he latched arms with you again and walked out of the shop after paying the shop owner. He stopped right as he got out of the door with you and made you turn towards him, you blushed more at this. He handed you the flowers with a smile. "these are for you." Your face had flushed and Grell chuckled "You know Red is a vary good color on you Y/N." You looked to him. " T-Thank yo-" Before you could finish speaking Grell had pressed his lips to yours Gently, you couldn't help but melt into the kiss. Grell smiled as he pulled back. "Y/N... next time you should pick up on my signals! I've clung to you all week~" You looked to him and smiled a bit, your cheeks still all different shades of red. " I'll make sure to notice next time..." Grell locked arms with you again, seeming prideful. Then you and him made your way back because Grell had forgotten something at Dispatch. From that point on you and Grell openly shared your feelings for each other, and Grell began losing interest in Will and Sebastian every day you two were together.

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