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The Girls' Quartet: A Harry Potter Fanfiction


The Girls' Quartet: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Chapter 1

Ralinda comes out of the Slytherin Common Room to meet her friend outside by the Black Lake.

“Hello, Ralinda,” her friend Luna Lovegood says to her while she sits down beside her, Hermione Granger, and Ginny Weasley.

“Hi girls,” Ralinda says. “Luna, what have the Nargles been doing?”

“A lot,” Luna answers.

“Harry said that we could borrow his Invisibility Cloak when we go to Hogsmeade,” Hermione says.

“Can we spy on him?” Ginny asks.

“Well, I won’t be there because I’ll be waiting for him to meet me at The Three Broomsticks with Luna.”

“Okay….There’s so much time in the world, but this still couldn’t happen at a different point,” Ralinda says. “I guess it’ll just be me and Ginny then.”

“You two will fit under the invisibility cloak more easily,”Luna points out.

“I guess that’s a pro.”

<3 Time skip to Valentine’s Day<3

Ralinda and her friends arrive at Hogsmeade together before separating to go to their places.

“Can you help me make an excuse for skipping Quidditch practice?”Ginny asks as she and Ralinda follow Cho and Harry.

“I’ll tell you if I come up with any ideas,”Ralinda answers.

“Do you have any idea why Cho and Harry are going Madam Puddifoot’s tea shoppe?”

They both stop. "Wait, don’t couples snog in that place? Even though it’s not very private at all?”

“If that’s what you call it.” Ginny takes the Invisibility Cloak and they both wrap it around themselves as Ralinda puts a spell on it so that no one can hear them talking. As the next couple goes in, the two girls get in before the door closes.

They walk to where they can get a clear view of Cho and Harry and listen to their conversation. They weren’t veryinterested Harry mentioned Hermione.

“I don’t think this is what people talk about on dates,” Ralinda tells Ginny, “and believe me, I’ve read a lot about this. You don’t talk about your ex either.” She looks at Ginny and sees her...mad? Blushing? Who knows what her red face means.

“Um, Ginny?”

“Oh, Ralinda. Sorry, I guess I got in my own world,”Ginny replies.

“Oh, okay.” The two girls spy on Harry and Cho until they left. The girls got out after them before the door closes and take the Invisibility Cloak off outside.

“Now where should we go?”

“We can go to The Three Broomsticks to meet Hermione and Luna.”

“Great idea! Let’s go!” The two follow Harry to The Three Broomsticks and sat down at a table away from where Hermione, Luna, and Rita Skeeter were, but they were still at eye sight and hearing range.

“Now what?”

“We’ll just see what they’re doing.”

“How about we talk to Luna.”

“Not yet.” She and Ralinda listen to their conversation, even though they weren’t very interested.That is, until Luna started singing “Weasley is Our King” under her breath and Ralinda, think that she’s bored, whisper-shouts, “Luna!” at her. Luna sees them and walks over to their table.

Hello girls,”Luna says. Then she whispers so Harry can’t hear, “How did the spying go?”

Ralinda responds, “Very boring.”

“It was weird too,”Ginny adds.


“Well, maybe we can do something else next time,”Luna suggests

“Maybe, but we might spy again.”

“Okay, all four of us.” They look at Hermione.

“Yah, I should probably go now.”

“Why?”Ginny asks.

“I need to see Draco.”

“Wait, what?”

“Oh,okay,”Luna says, blocking out what Ginny said.

Ralinda walks out of the door. “Do you know why she neds to see Malfoy?”


“Well, Harry met with Cho to talk about Hermione, random stuff, and Cho’s ex boyfriend and with Hermione to do an interview with Rita Skeeter for your dad’s magazine, The Quibbler.”

“So that lost you your common Valentine’s Day sense?”

“I guess so.”

Luna hands the Invisibility Cloak to Ginny. “How about you spy on her to get your common Valentine’s Day sense back?”

“Okay.” Ginny takes the Invisibility Cloak and follows Ralinda into Hogwarts.

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Hello! This is not my main fanfiction for Harry Potter. Feel free to tell me what I did wrong and give suggestions. Comment request: Favorite Character. I'm going to make these at random times and I may not continue them.


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