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the host club, first day part 1)


the host club, first day part 1)

one day a girl name Haruhi. She was looking for a spot to study. She went to music room 3 and then that's when she meet the host club she was blushing cause the host club was this big group of boys that makes everyone happy and never sad, but the one thing the host club didn't knew was that Haruhi was a girl she had very sort hair cause a little boy put gum in her hair and she couldn't get it out,so she had to cut her hair it made her look like a boy so the host club though she was a boy so they where asking her questions. The king of the host club got so close to her that she broke a 18000 yens. Haruhi couldn't pay for that cause she's poor and doesn't have a lot of money, so the only way for her to pay it off was if she joined the host club it was the only thing she could do, so she joined the host club but there was a catch. The catch was that she had to get a 100 or more request. Haruhi felt that it was only fair cause of what she has done, a few hours go by and a little boy name honey he is the cute child of the host club even though he is in year 3. Honey asked Haruhi if she could hold his bunny, Haruhi wasn't really sure why he all was had a bunny with him. She nicely said no that's when it hit him.

(if you seen the anime and you didn't know when the light blots turned on that meant that one of them or two of them fingered out that she was a girl and not a boy just a heads up. Anyways back to the story.)

That's when he realized that Haruhi was a girl but he didn't freak out. Then a few hours later she started getting requests but the she spilled water on her self. The king of the host club Tamaki handed her some clothes. Tamaki want to check on her and then realized that she was a girl and he freaked out. He freaked out so bad that he was also disappointed and he ask if the rest of the host club if they knew about this everyone was all like "knew it for the start." that made Tamaki felt really dumb at that time he didn't know what to do.

Well that's it for part one hope you like it.

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